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client names on CV?

#1 client names on CV?
27/09/2011 09:49


is it ok for me to put client names and project names on my CV, if sending to a different employer or agency?

can ACN sue me over that?

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#2 RE: client names on CV?
27/09/2011 10:29

The Professor to tommys (#1)

I would look at this a different way. If you think a consulting employer might consider it poor form for you to be disclosing something that's confidential, then isn't there a risk that the potential employer may also think it reflects badly on you to be being so liberal in disclosing things that could be deemed confidential. After all the lack of discretion you're showing with regards to your ACN work they would think is then the kind of behaviour they are opening themselves up to if they hire you...

All you need do here is muddy the waters a little. Instead of "loyalty cards relaunch for Tesco" you just say "loyalty cards relaunch for leading supermarket chain" - or if you want to have client names stand out on your CV then "loyalty cards relaunch for leading supermarket chain (eg. Sainsburys / Tesco / Asda).

Or maybe I'm just whiter than white and others will say go for it?!

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#3 RE: client names on CV?
27/09/2011 12:23

Chipzilla to The Professor (#2)

Not OK. Also it can't be that hard to build a goog resumé with anonymous client names:

Examples from LinkedIn:

* Market entry strategy for China for one BU of a German multinational (macroeconomic analysis, partner identification)

* Developed an international expansion strategy of a U.S. Bank (performed potential country selection, market & opportunity sizing)

* Executed a cost reduction programme for a large car manufacturer to reduce long-term operational expenses

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#4 RE: client names on CV?
28/09/2011 00:46

Big Consultant to tommys (#1)

What if it has been years since you worked at the consultancy and with these clients?

Surely, it is OK to mention the client 10 years after you left your last consulting employer?

E.g. Developed a market entry strategy for Virgin (May, 2001).

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#5 RE: client names on CV?
28/09/2011 08:53

ChristopherCrocodile to Big Consultant (#4)

I agree with The Professor. It looks far more professional to leave the clients anonymous. Plus, surely the focus should be more on what you did and the impact you had, rather than the name of the client? A cynical person might think you just want to name-drop...

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#6 RE: client names on CV?
28/09/2011 11:09

Big Consultant to ChristopherCrocodile (#5)

But surely name-dropping (of firms, not people) is an acceptable way to market yourself for a job.

Moreso, name-dropping on a CV, not verbally.

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#7 RE: client names on CV?
28/09/2011 12:18

TripleTwistTrump to Chipzilla (#3)

Dont agree - looking at the clients and work done for them is exactly what a hiring manager or company looks for. A potential employee who has mentioned some top notch banks, utilities, financial companies etc will be more desirable than an equally qualified person who does not state any names.

Probably more true if you are experienced in a particular domain or technology or practise - the variety of work done coupled with the exposure to a number of different rival firms is exactly what your potential employer wants to see. Adds to your credibility of having worked across different firms within your area of expertise


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#8 RE: client names on CV?
29/09/2011 10:40

Geronimo to TripleTwistTrump (#7)

In your CV / application, keep it anonymous ("a large global consumer goods firm"; "the UK's largest manufacturer of engines"). When in an interview, feel free to disclose client names.

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#9 RE: client names on CV?
04/10/2011 16:35

Recruitertoo to Geronimo (#8)

Simples: each PROJECT is anonymous but elsewhere on the CV (intro to job role or in some form of summary section) you list clients. Best of both worlds and no breach, real or imagined, of confidentiality

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#10 RE: client names on CV?
04/10/2011 22:10

Big Consultant to Recruitertoo (#9)

Come to think of it, in reality, it is not a hush hush secret if a consultancy is offering services to a firm. Most times it is in the public space.

I bet it would not require the CIA to know which firms have engaged Mckinsey, BCG, Accenture, Capgemini, AT Kearney etc. Some of this firms even announce it without the press needing to dig, so I really cannot comprehend this need for secrecy about client name.

Details and methods of engagement at the client I can understand the need for secrecy but not (most times) the name of client.

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#11 RE: client names on CV?
06/10/2011 08:52

Tony Restell ( to Big Consultant (#10)

Recruitertoo - sounds like a workable suggestion to get the best of both worlds.

Big Consultant - I think you're calling that one incorrectly. The overwhelming majority of consulting projects are not in the public domain and firms' consulting contracts will require them to sign up to confidentiality of the project. A few high profile contract awards do make it into the public domain; as do projects where the client organisation has to demonstrate to shareholders / analysts that they are doing something to turn around a dire business situation and so announce the hiring of the consulting team as a positive step in this direction. But the overwhelming majority of projects are never in the public domain.

Tony Restell

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#12 RE: client names on CV?
26/10/2011 10:20

DenLin to tommys (#1)

@ tommys - I usually recommend that you keep a CV simple but focused but should never mention client names - good examples of how to do this are given in this thread. Unless you were the personal strategy advisor to Steve Jobs, most consulting firms would NOT hire you because you worked on project for Apple.

Remember that a recruiter is searching for sector/Industry and/or functional experience and try to understand WHAT you can do and WHERE you can add value to their organization. I would strongly advice against name dropping project clients on a CV but in an interview it is beneficial only to put your experience and skills in context. Keep in mind that an important part of a consultant's ethics is confidentiality.

@Big Consultant: You're dead wrong. This knowledge is not in public domain. Highlighting your clients (by name) on a CV only shows bad taste and lack of professional integrity. I can't help wondering where the candidate's sense of confidentiality is when I see this on CVs (unless of course they were advisors to Steve Jobs) and as a result I never shortlist the CV. To me, this is a no-no !

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#13 RE: client names on CV?
26/10/2011 10:46

CheckingOut to DenLin (#12)

What about completed M&A transactions or IPOs?

These are almost always in the public and often widely reported in the media.

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#14 RE: client names on CV?
18/01/2016 18:28

johnnleach to tommys (#1)

Unless it is a part of the confidentiality agreement, it shouldn't be an issue most of the time. Not all consultants are called in to deal with 483 issues. Some are used to meet gaps or help set up new systems. Your name or work being associated with a client should not automatically link them to a 483. Furthermore, FDA warning letters are already public domain, so there isn't a secret to keep.

Unless, asked to keep the client name confidential, I usually include it. Where I've been tells a lot about my experience. In fact, you may need to worry a bit about the client name tarnishing your own reputation. There are certain companies that I know have strong areas and weak areas. If I see a candidate with experience at only one company and that company has an FDA warning letter the length of War and Peace, then I figure that this person needs to be untrained and then retrained.

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#15 RE: client names on CV?
21/01/2016 15:02

Mr Cool to johnnleach (#14)

Also... you can generally get away with disclosing things after a reasonable period of time - say five years.

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#16 RE: client names on CV?
10/02/2016 23:15

TheGraduate to Mr Cool (#15)

I have relatively small experience (as my name suggests) but I cannot imagine anyone looking to hire someone who name drops openly on a CV - it is a lack of confidentiality in my opinion.

I'd use examples similar to those mentioned in this thread. 9 times out of 10 a recruiter will bite if that's the industry they're seeking experienced individuals in, then verbally name drop if prompted.

Put it this way - would you want the risk someone who may leave before the end of their career name dropping your clients on their CV? Consulting isn't famed for low turnover...

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#17 RE: client names on CV?
11/02/2016 08:04

Frio to TheGraduate (#16)

Having reviewed, drafted and negotiated many contracts - it is very unusual that either party has the automatic and express right to disclose any details of the work under that contract.

I would always recommend that people do not disclose client names on their CV, unless they have express written permission from their employer or the client. I have seen people disciplined because of disclosing such things.

It shocks me looking at colleagues Linkedin profiles of how much detail they put about their jobs in the public domain.

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#18 RE: client names on CV?
11/02/2016 08:55

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Frio (#17)

Putting a few names on isn't so bad if they're huge organisations like the NHS. Nobody will be too shocked to discover, for instance, that whilst at MegaCorp Global Consulting Inc you did some work for the NHS or the Department of Transport or whatever.

However they may be slightly more concerned if you get into too much detail about exactly what the project was all about, what you did there, which department/office you were working in, the problems they had and suchlike.

Or if you tell them all about the restructuring you did for some little SME with a handful of offices around the country

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#19 RE: client names on CV?
12/02/2016 16:55

Camster to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#18)

I feel you can 'give' client names without actually naming them. E.g, biggest retailer by market share, incumbent telecoms operator, etc.

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#20 RE: client names on CV?
15/02/2016 07:08

semon to tommys (#1)

Yeah, projects names are somewhere alright but client name doesn't seem ok in your C.V.

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