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Which firms will still recruit Finalists this year?

#1 Which firms will still recruit Finalists this year?
06/09/2001 00:00


I'm really anxious about all the negative press concerning graduate hires this year. It seems some of the consultancies may really be scaling back on graduate recruitment right now. I'd appreciate some feedback from consultants on whether your firm is likely to be hiring at the Milkround recruiting events this year. Thanks a lot! Laura

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#2 Re: Which firms will still recruit Finalists this year?
06/09/2001 00:00


Most consulting firms have dramtically scaled back graduate recruiting for this coming fall. In fact many grads from last years class, have had start dates put back to the middle of next year. Hence, many firms will only be hiring a select number of grads this coming Autumn. Some firms may even take the unprecendented step of not even doing their traditional milkround interviews. Best thing to do is check with your Uni careers office, since they will be kept up to date with regards the recruiting pattern for all the big consultancy firms. I'm afraid that the picture is even bleaker for grads. I myself am a consultant of 4 years experience, and have never known the industry to be so depressed. Layoffs, sabbaticals, long periods of being unassigned are something of a shock to the system. I'm glad that I'm currently assigned, otherwise, I'd be sweating. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the industry is in a bad shape, and it may not be until the middle of next year that it picks up.

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#3 Re: Which firms will still recruit Finalists this year?
07/09/2001 00:00

Rachael Turner

Hi Laura,

I can appreciate your concern and assume you are in your final year of studies at the moment.

I work for KPMG Consulting, and as with other firms in this sector, we have frozen headcount (our number of staff) and ceased recruiting in response to the slowdown in the market. We have also been through a redundancy programme in recent months. If we are unable to sell our consultants onto client work, and keep utilisation levels at a certain rate we may need to reduce headcount further. As you are probable aware for example PwC have just announced their 4th round of redundancies.

We are not expecting the market to improve drastically until September next year, a view shared by analysts and other firms. For the next year at least I would expect the recruitment market to be slow.

Not the best news for you. Having been involved in last years recruitment rounds for our firm I can only say that we generally take people into the graduate programme for my dept who have 1-2 years experience after uni anyway. So the best you can do is find whatever roles you can which will build up your experience and exposure to projects and business issues - no experience is wasted.

I hope this info is of use to you, and wish you all the best in your employment search.



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