Critical Success Factors

#1 Critical Success Factors
13/07/2001 00:00


I am currently researching what is it that makes one consultancy firm more successful than another. In doing this i am researching the critical success factors for COnsultancy. If anyone has any ideas or theories let me know i will recipricate with my learn't knowledge.

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#2 Re: Critical Success Factors
23/07/2001 00:00

Murat Yalnizoglu

The CMC (Certified Management Consultant) certificaiton in UK is competency based. The competencies for successful engagements and consulting firms are articulated in a best practice document. Have a look at their web site, if you cannot find it let me know.

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#3 Re: Critical Success Factors
23/07/2001 00:00

Nick Coyle

A few thoughts:

- the intellectual ability of the staff

- reputation

- quality of industry contacts

- culture of firm, etc.

However, what makes it successful initially, may not be what maintains its success subsequently !

ithink software by High Performance Systems produced an analytical model, built in conjunction with McKinsey, that explored something similar. Model can be bought from

Good luck

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