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#1 Starting off
17/02/2001 17:56

mike heslop


Can anyone suggest the best way into consulting for someone with a non mathematical background? Also, does how ell you have performed at school really matter to companies, if you have subsequently achieved good results. The reason I ask is the standard 22/24 Ucas points you need which I don't have. Finally, is there any good time of year to join?

Any hints would be appreciated.


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#2 Re: Starting off
20/02/2001 10:43

Jamie Hart

Hi Mike,

I'm Trying to do something similar but from an engineering background. The impression I get is that, as long as you have a degree with good grade or equivalent experience and some current skills consultancies are more concerned with character. Except of course for PwC. Check out

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#3 Re: Starting off
21/02/2001 22:14


I'm very interested in the comment about PWC. I had been thinking of applying to them but keep hearing conflicting messages. Care to elaborate?

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#4 Re: Starting off
27/02/2001 10:25

Jamie Hart

If you don't have a perfect acamedic record PwC don't want to know. Some of the other top firms are like this too but others are not so bad. As I said careers at Mckinsey look quite good, I've also had a look at PA Consulting, they both look for people with a broad range of backgrounds. I think this may have something to do with different points of view as inputs into a team situation. Good luck with your search.

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#5 Re: Starting off
03/07/2001 23:20


Speaking from experience with both Firms, I think many would disagree with the implication that PwC are more sniffy about Academics than McKinsey.

Don't be fooled that an open and friendly website translates into lower accepted standards. McK consultants have, on average, a far stronger 'academic' record than PwC.

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#6 Re: Starting off
15/06/2001 00:00


Thanks for the advice guys. I should state that I got into Aberdeen uni through clearing (I have 17 ucas points) got a good 2.1 and am now at oxford. It just seems a bit bizzarre that companys seem very narrow in their acceptance of people. Another point is should I bother to learn another language? If so which one? I have done French and learned a little Russian, but does any of this actually matter?

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