Graduate jobs in consultancy

#1 Graduate jobs in consultancy
28/06/2001 00:00


Hi can anyone help me or give me some guidance. I am looking to get a graduate job in consultancy, the main areas i am keen on are IT consulting or strategy. I am looking to get a job starting as soon as possible, hopefully by end of January. I have been researching a lot of companies but am finding it hard to distinguish those that are recruiting for jobs starting by end of January. A lot say they are constantly recruiting but as i have subsequently discovered at careers fairs, this can mean for jobs up to a year in advance.

I am going to go ahead and put in prospective applications and see what happens but could anyone give me some pointers and advice as to where there are openings for graduate jobs (in IT consultancy or strategy) starting by end of January.

Many thanks in advance for any help given.

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#2 Re: Graduate jobs in consultancy
03/07/2001 00:00


Our partner firm Milkround Online, specialise in entry-level opportunities. They also distinguish between firms currently recruiting and those only recruiting for the traditional milkround September start. Hope that helps

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