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18/06/2001 00:00

Tanya Gibson


Many of you are experienced consultants and as such I would appreciate your advice, on which company would offer the best graduate opportunities. I'm on a year placement with HP prior to my final year and I'm looking for opinions from people like you before I commit myself to a firm.

I'm primarily interested in Management Consultancy and have an idea of which companies I’d like to join, but all opinions would be appreciated.

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18/06/2001 00:00



You could try referring to our Insiders Guide - consultants opinions of the highs and lows of the firms they work for. You can find this in the careers section, or go to:<br><br>

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22/06/2001 00:00

Dr. Jack van den Heerik


I appreciate your delima in making the right choice the first time. I would like to suggest that you have a look at our companies Web Sites which will certainly either put us at the top of your list or eliminate us. Let me know what your thoughts are after looking at our web sites.

With kind regards

Jack van den Heerik

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22/06/2001 00:00

Lorraine Turner

We are a specialist organisation in European graduate recruitment with a focus on Managment Consultancy, Investment Banking and so on. We organise career fairs in September - to register visit and click on the Top Career Forum logo. We also publish a magazine called Top Graduate Career Guide, which features reviews, articles and interviews with both graduates and CEOs of the leading Consulting firms. For a copy, please call 020 7383 4411.

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22/06/2001 00:00



Not an easy decision I admit. But I would fly the flag for IBM because we are a technology company that also has its own consulting division (and I do mean Management Consultancy - not IT consultancy). If you look at the other Big 5, they are trying to partner with IT companies (HP tried to get PWC, E&Y have merged with Cap).

If you are free and single, Assenture is good in that you will see the world - but I know that it's a tough life as you get moved around quite a lot.

Hope that's of help.

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#6 Re: Graduate Jobs
22/06/2001 00:00

Tanya Jackson

Tanya: I am with KPMG Consulting which I consider the best of the best! I've been with the firm for a bit over two years and have found it to be rewarding and challenging. The Managing Directors I've worked with are corporate minded and commited to the success of our clients. This commitment to clients, I believe, is one of our differentiators for success. Good luck!

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#7 Re: Graduate Jobs
23/06/2001 00:00

Akhtar Zahid

Hello Tanya,

I would suggest joining a 'proper' organisation first and then moving into consultancy. You will do a lot more and also be able to bring some value into your new job.

A lot of graduate opportunities in MC's are simply not that exciting or give you the depth of experience that a role in a non-MC can.

Good luck!

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