#1 opportunity
20/05/2001 00:00


I will finish my MBA in september 2001 and doing my dissectation on managing of financial resources. I will like to move into management consultancy, but my backaground is running my own business for the past eight years and before that worked for insurance company.

Please advise me about my options and what agency to contact.

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#2 Re: opportunity
17/06/2001 00:00

Philip Moore


I have just joined the forum and noticed you have no reply yet. I run a very small consultancy specialising in sales and marketing strategies in the financial services market. If this is of any interest to you send me a cv or similar at philipmoore@actionconsulting.co.uk

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#3 Re: opportunity
27/06/2001 00:00


Hello Philip,

I received your message and my cv have been sent to you.


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