Post MBA career opportunities

#1 Post MBA career opportunities
17/05/2018 15:44


Hi Guys

Bit of a background: I’ve been working at a consulting firm (in technology delivery / system integration) for the last 8 years, and have recently gained admission into a top-25 MBA school. Post the MBA Im keen on moving out of delivery into spaces “higher” up the food chain in the tech space (e.g. tech strategy), or switching into a technology company as a product manager.

My options are:

1. Work in tech strategy or sales

2. Work in product management

3. As an alternative to the above two options, I am also looking at maybe moving to business consulting or strategy, however Im not sure if this would require me to drop a level or two (from being in a managerial position pre-MBA).

Would love to hear perspectives from anyone’s familiar with any of these areas or has performed similar transitions. Thanks!

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