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#1 Change to Sales
16/05/2018 16:32


I’m considering moving from consulting to enterprise software sales / account management. As an SM, sales is more and more the focus for me and I primarily focus on technology so should have the right skills.

Any views / considerations? Anyone made this change before?

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#2 RE: Change to Sales
17/05/2018 08:19

Tony Restell ( to longtimelurker (#1)

What would be your reasons for considering this move? It'd be easier to advise against the backdrop of knowing why you think that's a good move to make...


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#3 RE: Change to Sales
17/05/2018 22:20

longtimelurker to Tony Restell ( (#2)

Hi Tony,

It's a combination of my experience, which is very much focussed on leveraging technology to improve processes, and because I'm seeing more and more emphasis on sales as I get more senior. Rationale for the move would partly financial motivation (salary potential has a lot of upside), and partly to get closer to the product. I'm seeing consultancies getting squeezed out of a lot of advisory work with the leaner cloud players cutting us out of the equation.

Concerns really are around moving into a pure sales role - I can't imagine cold calling / worrying about hitting my target to pay the mortgage!


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#4 RE: Change to Sales
18/05/2018 10:48

marsday to longtimelurker (#3)

sounds to me like you want a product management role rather than sales, and you would probably also do well in a pureplay BD role iei working on alliances, partnerships, JVs etc

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#5 RE: Change to Sales
24/05/2018 07:48

Tony Restell ( to marsday (#4)

Some great advice there from Mars. In terms of your reasons, I would be surprised if the financial upside is there vs. consulting... in the sense that if you start to consistently bring in sales in consulting then your remuneration will also ratchet up significantly. For me the bigger consideration would be the career paths that are open to you if you pursue a sales role in consulting vs enterprise software.

Good luck making your decision in any case. Tony

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