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Lay offs @ ACN

#1 Lay offs @ ACN
30/06/2016 13:11


I was fired last week from ACN a day after being back from a one year mission abroad. I was a really cold mail invite for a f2f about personal development from an MD. He walks in and just says that I was not performing well and hence they were letting go of me. I was surprised because: A) I had a consistent with peers rating for the last two years B) I got 0 credits for the fact that they dumped me on a blueprint project abroad which was supposed to last two months but took a year.

In hindsight it was possible to have seen this coming since I had to cancel my ACN university in Chicago three times for chargeability issues ACN wide (fyi personally I was at 105%). There were 0 opportunities in my home country published on the internal site and due to me being abroad the whole time I had no visibility.

A couple of thoughts:

- is this common practice at ACN? (anyone else experience this)

- Do you tell other companies that you have been fired when applying there? (if not what do you tell?

I am a little down because of the fact that I sacrificed a lot personally and getting treated like this feels a little off.

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#2 RE: Lay offs @ ACN
30/06/2016 14:49

Rollercoaster to Perfecthindsight (#1)

I assume you are not in the EU (or UK). You need to check what your local employment law is. In the UK that might be a case of unfair dismissal and you could take them to court.

Are you crazy? Why would you tell other companies you have been fired?

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#3 RE: Lay offs @ ACN
30/06/2016 14:59

Perfecthindsight to Rollercoaster (#2)

I am in a EU country. I will get a severance package of about three months if I understood the MD correctly (I checked this with local laws and that seems to be correct).

How will I explain the gap in my CV once I will find a new job 2-3 months down the line?

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#4 RE: Lay offs @ ACN
01/07/2016 11:00

Phil to Perfecthindsight (#1)

The way they handled this sounds absolutely awful.

How long have you been with the company for? Provided that you have passed your probation period, it sounds like a case of unfair dismissal. They can't base your dismissal on the grounds of poor performance, as you have been receiving good ratings over the past year; also (at least in the UK) I believe they should put you through a Personal Development Plan before they can fire you (provided you are not on your probation). They have to prove that you have consistently under-performed despite their efforts to help you get better.

I would talk to a lawyer, get all the facts straight on what rights you have, and go back to them negotiating on a longer notice (4 / 5 months should be a reasonable timeline to get another job) threatening a law suit if they don't oblige.

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#5 RE: Lay offs @ ACN
01/07/2016 12:57

Frio to Phil (#4)


I've only ever heard of this when there has been demonstrable and consistent low performance which doesn't seem to apply in your case.

As Phil says, push for a longer notice period so that you can find a new job so that you do no need to explain a gap in your employment.

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