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Best In-House Strategy Teams

#1 Best In-House Strategy Teams
19/06/2016 00:25

Dan! Dan! Dan!

Request: I'm interested to hear perspectives on which large/international corporations provide the most interesting opportunities in in-house strategy (Corp strategy & Devt, Strategy & Planning). Whether first-hand, or as observed while on an engagement, all perspectives are encouraged.

Context: The way different orgs view in-house strategy seems to span a spectrum from:

- terrible (just making PowerPoint slides for leadership, and occasional performance reporting)

- ok (some of the above, plus involvement in strategy development through bringing analysis, project mgt, etc)

- good (license to, if not accountability for, strategy development, in transversal areas like resource allocation, portfolio strategy, etc.)

I want to identify some candidate employers as close to the good end as possible.

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#2 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
20/06/2016 22:51

alexandermeerkat to Dan! Dan! Dan! (#1)


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#3 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
21/06/2016 18:03

Camster to alexandermeerkat (#2)

I beg to differ. The fact that they are only coming out with a mobile offering in 2016 says it all.

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#4 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
22/06/2016 02:38

Dan! Dan! Dan! to Camster (#3)

Wouldn't that be confirmation of strategic planning types having more control over strategy development?

Sitting around debating whether their frameworks are MECE instead of getting stuff done...

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#5 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
22/06/2016 11:09

Camster to Dan! Dan! Dan! (#4)

Or... confirmation that they have been terribly slow??? Even Talk Talk, who I think of as being useless, offers mobile.

Ignore things like ARPU for now. Yes, Sky's is higher, but I bet NowTV had a negative effect. Sky's churn rate is some 10% (OK-ish actually, best in some time). They have done OK, despite BT's foray into TV/sports. But compare this with TT's churn rate of no more than 2%. Or is it 3%? Again, note that I think of TT as being useless.

It seems that they (Sky) pay more attention on customer acquisition and forget about retention. I am sure you will agree that acquisition costs are greater. I think that they are now offering a free TV to new customers.

I cite a simple example. I am with Sky. I have the full package - the full whack. Every 12 months, I call up Sky and 'threaten' to leave. I am then 'showered' with reductions and whatnot. Do you not think that this is just plain silly? I believe that there are many more like me.

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#6 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
22/06/2016 11:21

Camster to Camster (#5)

Are you only considering UK? Or other countries OK?

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#7 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
22/06/2016 14:49

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Camster (#6)

Which network has the best phone reception? Is Three any good these days?

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#8 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
23/06/2016 04:26

Camster to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#7)


Don't know. Google search might give stats. Note that the UK essentially has 2 networks. MBNL and Cornerstone. Been out of the industry for some time, but this should not have changed.

"Getting in the home" is key. This means, being the broadband provider to the home. Once you have this, you can add on things like TV, etc. Viewing habits have changed. 'Linear' TV replaced, etc.

At the end of 12 months, I might go with TT, where I know I can get a great offer/package, can add Netflix if I want, etc. Oh, apparently, with TT, if you have the TV package, you get a free SIM, as in a free working mobile line. Limited data/minutes, but it's a way to get ppl in.

Not really a big thing if in work and we have work mobile... but I am still a 'bum'. SIM only though. But that's fine, as I have some iphones and Samsungs and Lumias (still in boxes) lying around, pressies from previous lives.

If memory serves me right (this is failing - lol), I suggested a mobile play back in 2012 itself. About the time I suggested that the French Gov. would not let Alcatel-Lucent 'die'. Lol, I was ridiculed. But I did make a killing from ALU shares - rofl!

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#9 RE: Best In-House Strategy Teams
18/08/2016 11:04

semon to Dan! Dan! Dan! (#1)

That's good.

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