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EMBA at London Business School vs. Warwick

#1 EMBA at London Business School vs. Warwick
12/05/2016 14:50

Consulting Goat


Reflecting on life in the green space outside the office, I've realised that I might want to do an MBA.

Any thoughts on the perceptions associated with these two schools? My thoughts are LBS is better known both in the UK and internationally (and consequently has the higher price tag).

Have you met individuals who have done an MBA or EMBA programme at either school? were they any good?

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#2 RE: EMBA at London Business School vs. Warwick
12/05/2016 15:36

Mr Cool to Consulting Goat (#1)

Both good. I know half a dozen folks from each. LBS has the better name, as you say, and ...whisper this so my Warwick friends don't hear....the LBS people are a cut above too...

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#3 RE: EMBA at London Business School vs. Warwick
12/05/2016 15:51

Happy to Mr Cool (#2)

LBS has a better reputation on all metrics - with I guess the only downside versus Warwick being price. And maybe location for people that live in Warwick...

How important the difference is depends on whether you want to do an MBA or an EMBA - they are very different things - and for what reason - to change career? to take some time out? to accelerate in your current role? something else entirely?

More info needed

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#4 RE: EMBA at London Business School vs. Warwick
12/05/2016 16:23

Consulting Goat to Happy (#3)

Fair challenge..

It would be for an EMBA, I'm London based so location isn't an issue (Warwick in the Shard, vs. Regents Park for LBS)

Motivations.. accelerate on the route to director (currently SM/AD), access a greater network for BD purposes, but mostly to enjoy the experience.

I'm not expecting masses of insightful learning as the primary benefit, it's more about the experience, network and potential career progression.

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#5 RE: EMBA at London Business School vs. Warwick
17/05/2016 09:31

Happy to Consulting Goat (#4)


In that case my two cents:

LBS would be better, although I guess the step-up is not as critical as it would be for a career-changer going full time - e.g. a scientist looking to move to Consulting/Finance

1) I would presume the average quality of your class will be higher, and so better from an experience/networking perspective

2) You may not be interested, but LBS would more likely open up doors into other consulting firms - that's where they recruit - although note that the EMBA is not really designed for this - most of the time that companies will be coming to recruit on campus, you won't be there, you will be at work

3) I have no clue about the career acceleration part when it comes to consulting - I guess if someone else pays, then why not, but would anyone ever get promoted on the strength of the MBA alone? - I would think that, more likely, it adds a little bit of differentiation on top of your actual career, shows ambition and a willingness to work extremely hard (FT job plus MBA at the same time), and may open up doors you were not aware of previously

4) I think the Exec MBA process doesn't overlap much with the other courses - which may be what you want, but also may mean that your degree of interaction with other classes and school life in general is somewhat limited. I guess that, being in London, you could maximize that part of it if you a) want to and b) make the effort

5) I am not sure it is too enjoyable to work a full-time job, to spend significant free time studying/preparing for classes, and then to spend a bunch of weekends sitting in classes - but I have never done it so what do I know...

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#6 RE: EMBA at London Business School vs. Warwick
17/05/2016 20:36

DCF to Happy (#5)

You will spend ALL your free time on course work.

Realistically you are looking at 3 nights per week plus one full day at the weekend. You need to plan how to accommodate a weekend off for e.g. a wedding, a weekend away.

You need to weigh up that investment of time over a couplw of years compared to the likely results of putting the same amount of effort into your job - invest that much time effectively and you might well find your career accelerates way beyond what the EMBA will deliver!

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