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Capco OR CapGemini?

#1 Capco OR CapGemini?
05/05/2016 14:36



I am currently involved in different processes but there are two of them I particularly interested in:

CapGemini - Financial Services Consulting Academy

Capco - Associate Talent Programme

I would like to work in Strategy and Finance Transformation, ideally within the Capital Markets/Investment Management.

I don't really know if CapGemini works with IB clients? I know they are highly involved in Digital Transformation for retail banks but this isn't something I am particularly interested in.

What are your thoughts on these two programmes? How about the career progression and opportunities? What offers the best exit strategy?

I would be curious to hear your takes on theses questions.


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#2 RE: Capco OR CapGemini?
05/05/2016 15:31

JonnyB to MGR147 (#1)

I've heard Capgemini have been increasing their presence within FS, specifically with IB clients.

I would ask yourself which company has capabilities which would offer better exposure to your core interest - Strategy & Transformation. My initial thought would be that Capco would be more implementation focused, looking at regulation issues, tech upgrades etc but happy to be corrected.

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#3 RE: Capco OR CapGemini?
05/05/2016 18:14

Mr Cool to JonnyB (#2)

CapCo are increasingly involved in low end body shopping agreements. I could not believe how cheap their off shore day rates were!

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#4 RE: Capco OR CapGemini?
05/05/2016 23:48

Ratata to Mr Cool (#3)

Please expound further.

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#5 RE: Capco OR CapGemini?
06/05/2016 00:56

meF to Ratata (#4)

Please expound further.

It is a complete and utter bodyshop - that means they will indiscriminately chuck into role a client is unable to fill via its normal recruitment processes. You will not be involved with a team working on a specific problem using a defined methodology. The best you can hope for is a PMO/PM role in KYC, AML or some other reg work.

It has signed a deal with a large bank from Asia effectivity formalising its bodyshop nature (where, as Mr C alludes charge rates are laughably low) so most people are now shipped off here - lets not forget onboarding will take 2-3 months so you can expect to be sat around in the office on the bench forced to do the most tedious work imaginable as bench work is now part of the performance management. Bench work is all the crap someone usually relatively senior cant be bothered to do so outsources it to the bench, dont expect RFP work.

On the plus side cans of coke in the fridge downstairs are free.

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#6 RE: Capco OR CapGemini?
06/05/2016 22:29

presidentbartlet to meF (#5)

Please expound further.

On the plus side cans of coke in the fridge downstairs are free.

Free diet coke would be enough for me to move!

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#7 RE: Capco OR CapGemini?
08/05/2016 01:29

Ratata to meF (#5)


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#8 RE: Capco OR CapGemini?
18/05/2016 23:13

CuriousSoul to meF (#5)

I think it is worth noting that there is a definite split emerging at Capco at the moment and the next 6-12 months will define the following 5-7 years for the company and whether FIS retain them or look to make a 'quick' buck and sell them on...

The split is around resource augmentation and real consulting work. The work at the large 'UK / Asian Bank' is 90% resource augmentation at ridiculously low rates! It isn't interesting if you like 'sexy' consulting, but if you want a line role with the flexibility of moving around the place and don't quite fancy contracting yet its perfect (I think?)

The other part of the company is focused on delivering more value-adding change at other Banks (maybe German, Swiss or possibly English ones?) which is more transformational / strategic.

There is a definite split amongst the leadership with the younger, more dynamic partners wanting to pursue the latter route, whilst the senior leadership in the firm (CEO) seems to prefer the resource aug as it is high growth, less risk, guaranteed income etc...

Fingers crossed for the latter or quite a few people will be jumping ship this time next year - assuming bonuses improve a little ;)

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