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Consulting firm criminal background check?

#1 Consulting firm criminal background check?
03/02/2016 05:45


Got arrested for a fake at 18, felony dropped to misdemeanor (pretrial diversion) then charge dropped and eventually expunged.

I have researched IB background checks, and due to FINRA and FDIC, I would 99% not get a job in IB even though my record is clean after expungement - IB's do an FBI background check w/ fingerprints and that expunged arrest would show up and therefore FINRA and FDIC have my charges on file and I do not meet section 19 minimum requirements due to fake id being a "dishonest" type crime.

So, do MBB/Tier 2 do an fbi fingerprint background check and do you need FINRA/FDIC clearance?

Couldn't find any specific criminal history info, only on credit checks

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#2 RE: Consulting firm criminal background check?
03/02/2016 07:31

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to jiojoij (#1)

"Got arrested for a fake".

"Fake" when used in this grammatical context is an adjective, as it has not been previously defined. What this sentence needs is a noun following that adjective, otherwise we don't know what you're talking about.

So - a fake what? Fake passport, fake cheque, fake swimming certificate?

On a practical note, why not apply for smaller companies as I imagine they're less likely to want a DNA sample and retina scan from you? Plus, they're less likely to expect you to live and breathe "the firm".

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#3 RE: Consulting firm criminal background check?
03/02/2016 08:09

Frio to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

I reckon the noun here is "ID".

Original poster, you mean to say that that the US isn't like the films where a young guy "McLovin" trying to buy booze from an off-licence isn't taken on the adventure of a lifetime with two jovial but utterly useless policemen?

Most of us folk are in the UK and do not know the specifics of this, let alone what FINRA/FDIC means and whatnot.

So, you got accused of a dishonest crime and then were found to have not actually committed a dishonest crime but that will stop you getting the proper stuff for investment banking? Hardly seems fair.

Part of being a consultant is knowing when you're out of ones depth. You should seek legal advice.

A long time ago, Frio was caught doing something by a policeman (not a crime of dishonesty though) - I paid a lawyer who was qualified in such things to work through this with me after the fact. It's never held me back, apart from raising a few eyebrows (some of them bushy eyed style partner eyebrows, but not the one on this forum) when my best man decided to bring it up the details of that summer night in his speech at my wedding.

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#4 RE: Consulting firm criminal background check?
03/02/2016 11:04

jiojoij to Frio (#3)

i did do seek legal advice and lawyer said it all comes down to whether there is an fbi background check. didnt realize this was a uk forum

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