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Should I go for this job? - Graduate

#1 Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 10:08



I'm currently in my final year and in the process of studying for my final exams in May. Over the year, I applied to a number of consultancy firms and industry graduate schemes (Accenture, etc); unfortunately I was rejected at the final stage for many of them which I put down to my case study analysis.

I've now been approached by a software house (financial services); I originally applied for their professional services (consulting), client facing role. After waiting 4/5 months I was told that they would instead like to consider me for their support role (back office). I've passed the first round of the interview but I'm not sure whether I want to continue pursuing this opportunity. On one hand, I have no other options, and on the other, it's not what I really want to do... They have mentioned that there is room to move into the more client facing, consulting role after 18 months.

Upon graduation I plan on reapplying and focusing my full attention on my applications; I would probably do the same if I got the job at the software house. Not sure what I should do, go through the process which has an opportunity cost of studying time, or just focus on my final year, and reapply upon graduation..

Apologies for any grammar/spelling mistakes, writing this in a rush.


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#2 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 10:19

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Undergrad123 (#1)

Why not take the job and stick with it for a year or two, and see how it pans out. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, plus they've said they'll move you to a more client facing role after 18 months... it sounds like they're being quite honest with you? Honest employers create good places to work...

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#3 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 10:19

Undergrad123 to Undergrad123 (#1)

So just to clarify, my question is whether it would be useful to pursue this opportunity, or would it be a waste of time if I plan on reapplying elsewhere as soon as I graduate. Would consultancy firms see any added value in the few months I would work there (assuming I find an alternative graduate scheme)

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#4 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 10:21

Undergrad123 to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

It wasn't a guarantee, but they did say it's 'possible'.

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#5 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 10:53

marsday to Undergrad123 (#1)

1. can you really afford to wait another 6+ months after graduation, adding nothing to your CV or bank balance, waiting for 1st round interviews?

2. if you haven't got time for this selection process, do you actually have any time to improve your case study analysis to make all those reapplications worthwhile at all?

3. Have you checked whether there will be sufficient opportunities to apply for in the time frame you are talking about?

4. Have you considered that most of the grad schemes will be full by the time you graduate, and those still hiring will be hiring only because no right thinking person wants the job?

5. Are you fully aware that any work experience will be a significant improvement on none at all? MCs wont mark you down for having 12 months BO experience, they probably will for having no experience at all.

6. BO FS is a booming area - don't discount the potential 18 months along.

7. you need to learn time management - just because you are studying finals doesn't mean you cant commit to other things too.

8. a 2.1 with some post graduation experience beats a 1st nerd who holds out for some ivory tower.

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#6 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 11:37

Richthekeeper to marsday (#5)

points 7 and 8 are my personal favourites

why don't you have time to go through the process? i've managed to go through the entire experienced hire process for a big 4 firm while working 4 days a week at a remote client site...

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#7 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 13:05

Arby the Manager to Richthekeeper (#6)

I just realized BO was Back Office and not Mars' attempt to talk like a gangster rapper...

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#8 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
15/04/2014 13:41

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Arby the Manager (#7)

I thought it was something to do with that pong in the office

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#9 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
16/04/2014 17:04

Undergrad123 to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#8)

Thanks for the advice guys.

I think what really is holding me back is the fact I'd have to move to London for a job I'm not entirely sure about. The other option would be to get a temporary job in my home city whilst I reapply for January intakes (if not, the next intake), but like some of you have mentioned, they are limited.

I think I'm going go through the process, and get a better understanding of the role and the firm.

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#10 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
17/04/2014 07:53

marsday to Undergrad123 (#9)

Moving away from what you know for the first time is always daunting - but chances are very good you will simply love living in London at your age (not to mention you will be in the best possible location for a move on from the position you are unsure about). If you chose to remain in your home city for a while what you will find is everyone you know moves on with their lives while you get this mounting feeling you are missing the boat. Before you know it you are a fixture in your area, the one who could have gone and done something but didn't and instead spends their time thinking about a doctorate or something similar.

Go through the process. If you get the job take it and go to London. It's called LIFE.

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#11 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
17/04/2014 10:49

Anon MCs to Undergrad123 (#9)

Hi Undergrad,

Some good advice here, like most things in life there is 80% faff and 20% key. I would listen and then make your own decision.

I'm sorry UnderG but I agree with the guys here. You need to leave your kiddie balls behind and grow some very big cahonas quickly. Things are very very tough out there for the new undergrads coming in.

MCs have a huge amount of choice. The CVs being received are full of straight As while also being great sportsmen (the indirect implication being "I am uber intelligent but also easy going and can actually talk to people")

You got the interviews but then did not get an offer... it may be worthwhile going for the software job, then moving up from there and talking to them as you may like it. Your CV will be that much richer for it.

Best of luck

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#12 RE: Should I go for this job? - Graduate
17/04/2014 11:44

Undergrad123 to Anon MCs (#11)

It is tough out there, but I still feel like I didn't give it my all. For example, I didn't get a chance to go through the process with the Big 4 because I failed their online tests. Reason being, is that they were the first few firms I applied to and as a result I underestimated the tests. I did quickly learn from this though and passed 95% of the tests thereafter.

The role seems so confined, I will be trained to support clients over the phone and through webex. I'll essentially be managing tickets and requests for the software the company supplies to the corporate liquidity industry. That's another thing, I will be trained on a very specific software supplied by this one firm only.. I can't find anyone on linkedin working in that area so it's hard to assess background/future prospects. My year-long internship/placement in London was in a similar environment (back office) but for market research firm, but I knew that was simply for a year and it's been invaluable in terms of applications.

Overall, I think it's just a reality check. Should I be honest with them and hint that I would be much more interested in moving into a client facing role, or will that damage my application for the role in question?

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