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IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview

#1 IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
03/02/2005 15:28


Hi all,

I've been lurking around this board for a couple of weeks and am impressed by the level of support here...

Can anyone please offer me advice on what to expect from a 1st round interview at IBM BS-BD? My invitation describes a morning session with case studies and team exercises, then an afternoon manager interview if you succesfully get through the morning... this sounds like a fairly merciless proceedure!

Any ideas how many applicants are present during the morning exercises and how many get through to the 1st interview stage?

Of course then there's the second round! :)

Thanks, Jon

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#2 Re: IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
07/02/2005 12:40


Hi Jon.

I did the IBM BCS rounds a few weeks ago. There were about 10 of us that were there and it wasn't the case that you had to "pass" the first part to go through to the afternoon session. We were all there all day.

As you know there are a few tasks - a teamworking exercise, a couple of interviews - not too gruelling, so no need to worry - and finally a quick test to ensure you completed the online tests.

Good luck with the interview(s)! Regards, Steve

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#3 Re: IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
07/02/2005 18:07


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info - its heartening to hear they might not axe people at lunchtime! Have you heard if you've been successful? Also, any specific tips for the interview(s)? All help is really appreciated...... Thanks again, Jon

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#4 Re: IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
08/02/2005 12:34


Yeah I got through the first round, but was unsuccessful at the final stage. Same happened at Deloitte, so I'm still hunting for jobs! Getting a bit disheartened by the whole cut-throat process as each time I've thought I've done pretty well. Sorry I can't give you any tips on how to go about it, as if I knew this, I'd have a job by now!

Good luck, Steve

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#5 Re: IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
08/02/2005 12:56


Sorry to hear that mate, I know the feeling having got rejected by Deloitte and Accenture (both at the 1st round!). Have you tried BT and Fujistu yet? They seem to be building up their consulting capabilities.... Ive just applied and am waiting to hear about an interview.

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#6 Re: IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
10/02/2005 07:49


Don't worry, as I am aware of the business situation within BCS I really wonder the guys are hiring seriously or they are doing PR cosmetics. The jobs posted on the website at least are internal openings. Applying from outside means you have to beat all interested IBMers. That's tough..Take care

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#7 Re: IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
10/02/2005 12:26


Hi Steve and Jon,

Before your interview with BCS, have you done an online test ? I just received an email from IBM saying that I will be contacted shortly to do an online test without anymore information. Do you have any comments/information on the online test format/preparation ? Thank you.

About Fujitsu, I think the deadline was 31st Jan !

Thank you all for your useful posts,


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#8 Re: IBM BCS-BD 1st round interview
14/02/2005 20:52


Hi all, nice to read the responses. I attended my first-round BCS-BD assessment day at IBM South Bank, London, last Friday 11th Feb and it was very demanding. The assessed schedule was: (1st) Numerical and Verbal Reasoning tests, 28 questions in 25mins and 36 questions in 18mins respectively; (2nd) a 45min group exercise, group of 4 trying to solve a non-math logic problem; (3rd) the IBM IPAT (Information Processing & Aptitude Tests, these comprised 3 tests - 25min, 8min and 30min - of logic and math tests......... This all took from 9:45 to about 14:15 including breaks, lunch, and a 30min informal presentation to us of what BD do.......... Successfully passing all tests would lead to a 30min interview with a BD manager. Unfortunately I passed all tests except the Numerical Reasoning (the first test of the day!), hence wasn't granted an interview. Worth noting is that of my assessment group of 4 applicants, none of us passed the Numerical test to the standards of BD. This was a real surprise since I have successfully passed very similar tests for other companies, so I can only guess that the BD standard is very high.------------------ Apologies for the essay, but I though this might be useful information for some out there. I've learned from the day that BD really are a very elite cadre (of only 41 people to date) and their standards and expectations are high. I was very clued-up on the division before I applied, but this is a demanding process in which pre-planning and practice will definitely pay off. Not recommended as a casual application! Jon

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