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Wierd Third Interview

#1 Wierd Third Interview
11/11/2004 10:57

Simon Smith


I recently had a wierd third interview experience with a Partner at one of the Big 4. As an experienced hire, I did well in both the line manager and HR interviews. However, during the third interview, this Partner turned up 10mins late, then asked me some perfunctory questions while scribbling in his log book. He made no effort to even feign interest. Needless to say *he* did not offer me the role.

I don't mind a fair rejection but I feel this was not a fair chance due to this person's bias. It would have been better to have been rejected at the first round than get to third and go through the pretense of a "kangaroo" interview.

Just wondering have others encountered similar petty and arrogant behaviour from their interviewers?



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#2 Re: Wierd Third Interview
11/11/2004 11:43

Job Hunter

Yes I also had this experience with a Big 5 consultancy. My interview was also with a partner and as during my asseement center day. He made me feel like he had already made his mind up before I walked into the room. He was not intereseted in anything I had to say and completely slated my experience at every turn. There was no way I could impress this guy no matter what I said. The only time he was even remotly interested was when he found out I played golf - asking me about setting up a society (which he wanted to do in his firm). Ridiculous

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#3 Re: Wierd Third Interview
13/11/2004 19:04


The worst thing could happen if they made their decision based on race, nationality, language or the way you looked that time. If this was not a case, then think of how well (or bad) you presented your self. In my case the partner turned down his interest after I scrambled some questions in the middle of interview, and the same happened to me in the last phase of the interview, but nothing before that point of time, although I am a foreigner.

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#4 Re: Wierd Third Interview
15/11/2004 16:13

Ex consultant

I think the problem is that some people have to prove they fit the bill, whereas others only have to re-enforce the prior decision that they already fit the bill.

i.e. there is no level playing field. The more akin you are to the 'generic' model that they are looking for -the more likely you are to get through the selection process.

(-the generic model being priviledged middle class types).

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#5 Re: Wierd Third Interview
17/11/2004 13:40


Reading the above... who would want to work for someone who behaves like that...Imagine daily interaction with this chap...

Interview tricks are numerous - Many behave like cretins to guage your reaction - e.g. Would you fold when confronted with a rude client...Either way interviews are an opportunity for you to kick their tires - Seems not to be fit...Keep at it!

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#6 Re: Wierd Third Interview
17/11/2004 16:39


Rodger is very right, after jumping through all the hoops would you really want to work with him? And these types?

Theres a saying "you are known by the company you keep" -which means in a few years time that could be you (an arrogant conceited schmuck on the other side of the table...)

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#7 Re: Wierd Third Interview
17/11/2004 23:12


Oh crumbs, haven't we all had one of these? I think you just have to work long enough and it will happen to you.

Mine was at Gemini, not in the UK, but another English-speaking country practice - fourth and final interview with the then country chief exec. I had fantastic first three interviews with positive feedback from great people who interviewed me - I was impressed with them and they with me. Then came the last one. I had to wait several weeks for it because his Lordship was on a long holiday in the Caribbean. When I got there - same thing- I was left waiting about 30 mins (unlike the first three that were all bang on time)and then he walked in. Totally offhand, clearly not interested, and had made up his mind before he even walked in the room. Why? I don't know. A week later I was offered a great job by one of their rivals with a good package, so who cares?

At the firm I joined, I found a colleague (hired about the same time) who had interviewed at the same firm with an identical experience. She and I were very different people - different genders, nationalities, ethnicities, qualifications, experience, you name it. But it seems we received the same treatment, so I guess at least he was an 'Equal Opportunity Time Waster'!

You'd think a chief exec has better things to do with his time.

So, it's probably not you at fault, these things happen to us all at some point. Move on. There's a great job out there for you with people who don't behave like that.


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#8 Re: Wierd Third Interview
18/11/2004 16:34


I like you Bryan! We spend so much time complying with a supposed template we forget who we are, what we have to offer and what we really want....

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