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Accenture selectivity...

#1 Accenture selectivity...
03/11/2004 09:48


It seems everyone is applying to Accenture and getting interviews. I was wondering how many people who interview with Accenture in London actually get job offers? What are the chances of making it to the second round of interviews for a grad. position and then getting an offer? It seems to me a lot of people get interviews but not many of them get offered a position. Any thoughts of this matter are wanted!

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#2 Re: Accenture selectivity...
03/11/2004 14:21


Hi Sue,

At the second round assessment stage they told us 1 in 3 got interviews and a further 1 in 3 got to the 2nd round- not sure what proportion get jobs though ;).

Kind Regards


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#3 Re: Accenture selectivity...
03/11/2004 15:05


Thanks for your informative reply. Did you get offered a position at Accenture? (Are you the same Jo who has posted a query about which area od ACN to work in? Congrats. for getting the job!) If you are what did you think was the hardest part during the case study? Were the interviewers helpful? Thanks for the advice!

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#4 Re: Accenture selectivity...
03/11/2004 15:33


Hi again!

Yeah that’s me- thanks very much! With regards to the case studies, I wouldn’t say there was one hardest part; they are just looking to see how you work through problems and as long as you take a logical approach and can substantiate every point you make you will have no trouble. The interviewers all seemed to be very nice people and do help you out by asking probing questions if you do get stuck. If you are worried about the case studies the best advice I can give you would be to look at the cases/capabilities on the Accenture website and try to draw on applicable solutions in the interview.

Hope that helps!


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#5 Re: Accenture selectivity...
03/11/2004 16:14


Hi Jo,

Thanks so much for your tips and its good to know that the interviewers are helpful! Since you are considering going into the technology side of Accenture, I guess you must have a computer background. I think if you later on want to stay in a more technology based area than joining the Tech side of ACN is good. However, if you want to move into consulting join a operating group (high-tech might interest you). I have my second round interview coming up soon and am interested in joining a operating group. How soon after your interview did you recieve your offer? Was the offer extended to you via the phone, e-mail or a letter? Thanks for being so helpful! Sue

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#6 Re: Accenture selectivity...
04/11/2004 04:40

Crm guy

Hi Jo - I had my first interview on telephone a few days back, i applied for experienced hired category (consulting / London), they will be telling me the out come in come 2, 3 days. Could you please let me know what would be their next step ? what sort of interview would be the second one, (if i get through the first one).... one more thing, i am applying from outside UK. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.!



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#7 Re: Accenture selectivity...
04/11/2004 14:38


Hi Arin,

The second stage is a half day assessment centre. The first task is to read through a case study (couple of pages of A4) and come up with a couple of problems with the company and corresponding solutions. You then have a 1 on 1 interview and discuss your proposals (just use common sense and substantiate everything you say). You then discuss the case in a group exercise. The next part is a creative thinking exercise, where you discuss a problem as a group creatively! Finally you have a final one on one interview evaluating you performance over the day.

Hope that helps


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#8 Re: Accenture selectivity...
06/11/2004 21:25


Hi Jo, I have got through to the final interview at accenture!!! I was hoping that you could offer some hints and tips on how to prepare for the Partner interview - appreciate your assistance. Jay

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