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EY PI Salaries

#1 EY PI Salaries
04/12/2009 18:09


Hi All... I'm going for an interview with the EY PI (BAS) practice for a Manager. I have heard that they have recently started a big rectuitment drive and are offering higher than market salaries.

Does anyone know of what a Manager gets paid at EY PI and what are they offering these days?

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#2 RE: EY PI Salaries
04/12/2009 18:58

Ex-EY to Anon (#1)

The only reason they are hiring now is because of the droves of good quality people who are leaving. The work is cruddy public sector stuff, and the partners and directors are mostly failed CGEY and IBM. Although most of the IBM losers have been shoved out over the past year. No matter what they are paying – you don’t want to work there.

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#3 RE: EY PI Salaries
05/12/2009 10:41

Gino to Anon (#1)

It can be anywhere between £35k and £55k depending on what they think they can get away with.

Expect to be fed BS at offer time about how the [perpetually cancelled] training is worth £10k, and the canteen subsidy is worth £2k [if you can stomach 3 meals a day there], and the heating and lighting is worth £2.5k, and the water they allow you take from the tap in the kitchen is priceless really when you think about it...

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#4 RE: EY PI Salaries
05/12/2009 12:22

Another ex-EY to Gino (#3)

Sad but true. EY BAS culture is the most hierarchical, small-minded, petty and insecure I have worked in. People fixate on things like the model of their corporate mobile, and their desk number, to "prove" they are superior.

In my first few days, a senior manager had a screaming fit in the open office, demanding that I swap staplers with her because it was "inappropriate" (her word) that I'd been given a nicer stapler than her despite only being a manager.

I thought it was hilarious but put it down to one "tired and emotional" individual, until the next week. Everyone was audited (you can tell this is an accountancy) on their office equipment, then everything (staplers, erasers, highlighters, etc.) was re-pooled with re-selection of products allowed in order of seniority.

Stupid, time-wasting (how often do you really need a spreadsheet of all the pencil sharpeners), embarrassing (ever watched 40-yr olds queue up to choose between a yellow and a black hole-punch), but at least they did it with benched consultants so it didn't cost the firm anything.

That's more than could be said of the unlucky people who didn't have proof of purchase for the equipment they had brought from home. The guy who had his flash new pen set (Xmas present from the kids) appropriated wasn't best pleased.

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#5 RE: EY PI Salaries
06/12/2009 00:07

FS Person to Another ex-EY (#4)

It is true that they artificially try to inflate your total package with nonsense like canteen subsidy and the like. By the time you strip it to the bare bones of salary, car, bonus (Nil), and pension, the EY package is well below market norms

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#6 RE: EY PI Salaries
06/12/2009 14:39

Yea to FS Person (#5)

Actually the pay is quite generous compared to market norms once you take into account the quality of the work and the people who are desperate enough to take up the offers and stay there

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#7 RE: EY PI Salaries
07/12/2009 13:02

K to Yea (#6)

To answer the question rather than grind an axe, the pay band for Manager is large. Expect anything from £55k to £85k (exceptional for a mgr but I know at least 2 people on this). If you are a solid manager level then I'd be looking for around £65 to £70k

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#8 RE: EY PI Salaries
07/12/2009 13:15

Y to K (#7)

The band's even wider than you think. I'm a Manager on less than £45k, and that's after a LOT of bargaining and top ratings.

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#9 RE: EY PI Salaries
07/12/2009 22:13

Recruiter to Y (#8)

Don't forget that EY pays no bonus at your level. Their overall benefits package is well below norm as well, which is why their headline base salary figure needs to be higher than others

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#10 RE: EY PI Salaries
08/12/2009 17:22

Big 4 to Recruiter (#9)

Well I have heard that due to some big projects that they have bagged..they are actively poaching from other organisations...including the other Big 4 and are offering upto 95K for Managers on the upper band... so salaries are hitting the roof..this obviously includes the bonus..but not the car allowance..

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#11 RE: EY PI Salaries
08/12/2009 20:55

EY reality dose to Big 4 (#10)

£95k ??? You are being sold short. I was offered £120k last week from them.

And they are storming all over the private sector - I predict they will be bigger than ACN in one year

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#12 RE: EY PI Salaries
08/12/2009 20:57

better than you to EY reality dose (#11)

More fool you Mr-120K- a-year, they just phned me and offered me 135K! Anyone that settles for less must be rubbish

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#13 RE: EY PI Salaries
08/12/2009 21:30

bs-merchant to Big 4 (#10)

I was offered £95k and an Audi A8 as a graduate in the EY BAS strategy practice, but turned it down because the CapGemini strategy practice offerd me £160k and use of the corporate jet

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#14 RE: EY PI Salaries
08/12/2009 21:54

Microserf to bs-merchant (#13)

That's nothing, Bill Gates offered to give me all his money if I accepted a testing role, plus then Richard Branson came along and said he would give me all of his money too providing I accept the offer soon.

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#15 RE: EY PI Salaries
09/12/2009 01:35

Inside to Microserf (#14)

Manager grade pays 55-70, with nil bonus and not great benefits. Expense policy also sucks

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#16 RE: EY PI Salaries
09/12/2009 12:32

Anon to Anon (#1)

Recruitment drive is not recent, it has been going on for over 18 months with very little external hiring considering the number of people interviewed.

On average, maybe 65 - 70. If exceptional up to 80, although that's crossing into SM territory.

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#17 RE: EY PI Salaries
09/12/2009 14:05

oh come on? to Another ex-EY (#4)

that can't be true.

Someone did that to me they'd be going out through the window.

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#18 RE: EY PI Salaries
09/12/2009 14:29

Mr Cool to Inside (#15)

Based on actual billing rates achieved by BAS Manager level consultants (not list price, but what actually goes on the invoices that clients pay) and normal multiples of salary to billing rate, I would be surprised if many Managers had a salary outside the 50K -70K range.

Recruiters always say their clients are paying above market rates - no on e would go to an interview that paid below market rates would they!!

I once went to an interview at EY because the recruiter ASSURED me that they would consider hiring at partner level. (I accept that I was an idiot for going - I was incredibly niave and was certainly not partner material!). Needles to say when I go there i was interviewed by two middle-aged accountants in marks & spencer suit and tie combos.

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