What do you get from working for a Big 5 firm?

#1 What do you get from working for a Big 5 firm?
21/07/2001 00:00


Hello All -

I see a lot of discussions about which consulting firm to work for, which one is the best, etc..? My question to all of you is the following: What are your requirements/priorities in terms of what you want out of the firm:

Compensation? Travel? Challenging Projects? Great Clients? Recongnition? Culture and Work Environment? Opportunities for training? Reasonable utilization expectations? Opportunities for promotions? Values?

For those of you who have worked for consulting firms and have moved on which one of these were the determining factor for your departure? Tired of being a little fish in a big pond? I have my own reasons but I want to see how well they match up with yours.

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