"Bless you" etiquette.

#1 "Bless you" etiquette.
16/01/2008 14:18

Peter D.

I am fairly new to consulting and am puzzled by how best to react to sneezing in the office. Obviously this is a relevant issue now we’re in the midst of winter. Put simply, how should a young thrusting MC (not long in the industry) decide when and how often to say "bless you" in response to a sneeze?

It’s a given that sneezes proffered by those above you in the pecking order (those of a higher grade) should be met with a jaunty, perky, slightly deferential and immediate "bless you".

The problem is, how to handle sneezes emitted by those of a similar or lower grade?

It's wise to bless those in the same grade, provided they are widely considered to be the rain-makers of the future. It aides the ingratiation process.

How should one approach the lower order however? A single, dismissive, delayed and slightly weary "bless you", designed to exhibit slight contempt at the auditory intrusion? Or should they merely be ignored?

The other issue, is how often should “bless you”s be repeated when faced with serial sneezing. Should this be decided on a sliding scale, weighted according to seniority?

Help, chums, help.

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#2 RE: "Bless you" etiquette.
16/01/2008 15:16

JStone to Peter D. (#1)

I enjoy this forum - I get alot of help and I try to give help, while also having a bit of banter from time to time on other topics - but this time it is just...

...you are an idiot! Accchhhooooooo!!!!!! in your direction...be gone.

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#3 RE: "Bless you" etiquette.
16/01/2008 15:42

aNon to JStone (#2)

I think, Mr Stone, that this is a serious thread which should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Pear aside, I don't believe in higher powers so I wouldn't say bless you to anyone; unless they were significantly more senior than I and I knew the act of me calling for them to be blessed would excite them.

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#4 RE: "Bless you" etiquette.
16/01/2008 15:48

Anon to aNon (#3)


Have you seen the Seinfeld episode about sneezing etiquette? Hilarious. "you are SO beautiful" (you'll get this, once you've seen the epsiode!)

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#5 RE: "Bless you" etiquette.
31/07/2018 13:07

detoilet Consultant to Anon (#4)

I think before you bless anyone nowadays you need to check out whether they are Vegan or not ! or even worse male or ginger.


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