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Moving on from Accenture..

#1 Moving on from Accenture..
28/05/2007 00:10


I was recently offered a grad role to work in Accenture within their Technology Consulting Division early next year.

This may seem a bit cheeky, but I'm just researching into future career prospects after ACN. I often find it to be a good motivational factor in case things don't work out.

Don't get me wrong, my intentions is to gain as much experience possible throughout my 2-3 years (or maybe more!) years there - it's somewhat unrealistic these days to expect to work in a single company for the rest of our career life right?

Anyway, what is seen as the next career step after ACN? Something like Ernst & Young Advisory? Deloitte?

I hope to specialise in the financial industry and finally aim to (yes it's ambitious!) move into a prestigious role - say as a CIO of some major company - in a couple of years :)

Apologies if I do sound like a typical obnoxious wide eyed graduate, but your advice/thoughts will be highly appreciated!

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#2 RE: Moving on from Accenture..
28/05/2007 06:54

hard reality to KnightIndustries (#1)

Brilliant, not even with Accenture yet and already the delusions are starting to surface. The sell to you as a candidate is that you are joining the top firm in the world for technology consulting and that you will either progress through their system to partner level etc or you will be in very high demand from the industries you serve meaning that a CIO role several years ahead of schedule is completely normal - in fact fortune 100 companies will be queuing up to offer you board level positions befor you reach the age of 30. You are the elite, in a unique position, have been hand picked out of hundreds of thousands of applicants because we believe 100% in your potential. You are the chosen ones, worthy and to be praised..........

......until we have burned you out within 2 years, cost you your marriage/relationship with your girlfriend/social life and turned you into a deluded idiot who thinks that helping out on a couple of projects as a graduate qualifies you for a proper job in the sector. so full of hot air that even mid tier IT recruiters pretend to be out when you call. By the age of 25 you are washed out, dis-spirited, lonely, isolated, miserable, bitter, angry and unemployable... why unemployable? Because your salary expectations and understanding of the level of job you should command is so far out of kilter with the reality, that you cannot cope with the fact that a junior project manager job is about where you fit into an organisation. After a year of having doors slammed in your face, you eventually accept a lower level position and realise that you will have to work your way up an organisation like everyone else if you want to become a CIO. Throughout the rest of your career, you will still dine out on what you did at Accenture. The older you become the better it was.

Other than that, I am sure you will be fine! Joking apart, it is a good place to be in the short term. You will learn a lot but you must promise yourself not to get sucked in, not to believe all the BS you are fed and to keep your feet on the ground. You are not unique. You are probably an honest, decent, bright and hard working individual. See the experience for what it is, take what you can out of it and keep in touch with the industry or good recruiters into the industry to ensure that you know what your real worth is. The big mistake people make when leaving Accenture in particular (not so much the MBBB - they tend to get exactly what they want!) is that they believe what they are told internally rather than externally....

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#3 RE: Moving on from Accenture..
28/05/2007 14:32

KnightIndustries to hard reality (#2)

Thanks Hard Reality (or should I say the HR?). I think many will dismiss your sarcasm as being unhelpful but you do mean best.

I've been browsing these forums for quite a well now and I appreciate people's opinions on certain companies here. Many people, unfortunately, see ACN as the "be all and end all" and don't look further. From what I know from friends working there and people's opinions over here, Accenture is not that at all...but I should look at it as a short term stepping stone.

As I've said, I know what I've signed myself onto. It's gonna be tough and unless you manage your own career in Accenture, you will end up boring yourself into testing software for the next 2-3 years. I'm being realistic in saying that I will not be staying there for the rest of my career...

Of course it is crazy to think that I will have a prestigious role before I am 30....I just wanted to know of people's experiences on here for getting to the top in industry - particularly in areas of Technology.

Not everyone round here is gifted the opportunity to start in a MBBB firm - we're all gonna have to start somewhere right?

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#4 RE: Moving on from Accenture..
29/05/2007 06:00

Hard Reality to KnightIndustries (#3)

very glad you read it that way. Obviously I was exaggerating and stereotyping to a degree, although I have seen far too many case examples from this particular company to say that my comments were baseless. It seems like you have your head screwed on and I am sure you will do well both at and beyond Accenture. Timing the exit at the point when you have learned enough to be marketable but have not stayed so long that you no longer fit into the real world is key. 2-3 years of well managed time at Accenture is probably about right based on the way you describe you aspirations. You are right about the MBBB. They are not for everyone and there is absolutely no shame in not getting in or not wanting to join them

I really appreciate your note and for having the maturity to "get it" so to speak. I wish you every success.

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#5 RE: Moving on from Accenture..
29/05/2007 07:50

Ex MC to Hard Reality (#4)

HR, your analysis is SPOT ON.

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#6 RE: Moving on from Accenture..
29/05/2007 09:41

anon to Ex MC (#5)

Could you just do a year at accenture and then try and start on another grad programme somewhere else? Say an investment bank or something?

That year would enable you to answer most HR type q's for a grad job.

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#7 RE: Moving on from Accenture..
19/07/2007 12:18

Bill to anon (#6)

As someone currently working at Accenture ('at', not 'for'), I think you should know that the experience you get from the firm very much depends on what you put in.

If you see it as a short term job, you are not going to progress here. This is a top (the top?) consulting company and everyone here is smart. People who are here for the short term ride will have the short term ride, but no more. You will be spotted and sidelined.

If you want to progress here you have to show dedication and hard work. If you do that, the rewards are excellent, and the firm will reward you with skills and experience at least on a par with the McKinseys / Bains / anywhere else.

Why do you think other consulting companies are trying to copy Accenture? Why does Accenture feature so often in this forum? It is right up there, leading the field in my opinion.

Don't let a few bitter people who didn't make the cut put you off.

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#8 RE: Moving on from Accenture..
19/07/2007 12:31

Ed to Bill (#7)

Go Billy! Go Billy!

Go on - be a tiger!

Live the dream! Work in HR for Acn!!

On my count, Acn star-jumpers - step to it!!

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