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07/05/2018 14:13


Benefits of hiring IT Consulting Companies?

and how can I choose best IT Consulting Company?

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26/06/2018 10:57

sohaibkhalid614 to onefederalsolution (#1)


I am a professional Developer and have an experience of more than 10 years in working in different languages for development of different applications.

I am working in Dubai for last 6 years in a very reputable web development company. I want to share my knowledge about some leading IT Companies in Dubai so that if anyone of you wants to have a website or blog or any other application then you should not have to google it more but you can consult this list for your development.

After so much research I have listed some top leading IT companies in Dubai, listed below are few of them:

1) Careem

2) FME Extensions Dubai




6) Inter Smart Solution

7) Go-Gulf

8) Bayut


10) Fetchr


12) EMTech

13) Element8 Dubai

14) Instashop

15) Hadzup

For more details, visit our blog:

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30/07/2018 11:39

kumarvinny to onefederalsolution (#1)

5 Main Benefits of hiring IT consulting companies-:

(1) Saving of Time and money

(2) Expertise and Experience

(3) Productivity and improvement

(4) Focus on Core Business Functions

(5) On Technology Investment provide best return

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30/07/2018 19:26

Arby the Manager to kumarvinny (#3)

I am job!

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