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Deloitte Senior Consultant offer

#1 Deloitte Senior Consultant offer
04/09/2017 11:28



I've just received my offer from Deloitte. They want to bring me in as a Senior Consultant (M2) at £60k basic, plus £5,100 flexible benefits pot. They've said this is right at the top of the scale for SCs, and that the next step up would be an M4, manager grade.

This is a significant salary drop for me, but I knew I'd be facing a pay cat as my last role (from which i was made redundant) was exceptionally well paid.

I'm now in the process of negotiating with Deloitte so see what the options might be. I've asked if they can go to £65k basic, or offer me an additional 5 days leave. They mentioned that a sign on bonus might be possible, but this will obviously only off-set my salary in year one, and not beyond.

I'm keen to join Deloitte because of my future career so am happy to take a level of pay cut. I have 12 years experience, 5 at a senior level, and also high-level security clearance, but I don't have any consulting experience which is why i think the offer is at SC level.

Does anyone have any experience of negotiating with Deloitte on their initial offer?


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#2 RE: Deloitte Senior Consultant offer
06/09/2017 13:30

greyhawk to VMBT (#1)

The max they will go to for a SC is 62K basic + 5100 flex bens. Thats the absolute max I am aware of.

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#3 RE: Deloitte Senior Consultant offer
06/09/2017 14:16

Anonosaurous to greyhawk (#2)

Unfortunately I think you're probably already looking at close to their best offer as mentioned above.

If you want to negotiate above that then you are most likely in to discussions about being brought in at manager grade – which I expect you’re now not in a strong position to have.

If you’re after more input then I suggest looking at the many threads on here which discuss joining with your level of experience at senior consultant grade (if you haven’t already).

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#4 RE: Deloitte Senior Consultant offer
10/09/2017 17:27

london_consultant to VMBT (#1)

Deloitte HR tend to think that their managers are somehow different from the rest of the industry, and this forum and my own experience confirms that they'll certainly try to get their money's worth by bringing in people a grade below.

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#5 RE: Deloitte Senior Consultant offer
11/09/2017 19:47

MikeTC to VMBT (#1)

Deloitte are infamous at bringing people in a grade below where they'd like to be. Only you know if it's fair in your circumstance, but one thing to bear in mind is that promises of quick promotions mean sod all once you're in the door.

I know folk who've gone in to SC roles at Deloitte 3-4 years in to their career, so feels like if they won't offer you manager with 12 years on your CV then it may not be the best opportunity. Don't let shiny brand names distort your thinking too much - you can only move every so often to maintain your CV, so if this isn't the right move then hold off for the next opportunity.

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#6 RE: Deloitte Senior Consultant offer
12/09/2017 00:31

LetsGetDigitalDigital to VMBT (#1)

Don't take a pay cut, especially if joining a large corporate. You'll regret it a year in if you don't get promoted.

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#7 RE: Deloitte Senior Consultant offer
17/09/2017 12:40

DtBunk to LetsGetDigitalDigital (#6)

So so true...

You will do two years at SC before making a promotion, with minimal payrise at the end of the first year.

Bitter experience, if you join the big D, make sure you come in at the right salary point, which can keep you going until you get that promotion.

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