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MBA at 36?

#1 MBA at 36?
28/12/2015 16:26


I used to post on these forums some time ago... I left consultancy to work in industry as a sales manager. Money is good, but i can't progress any further and I am getting really sick of shovelling the same stuff day in day out.

My field is very technical and not that transferrable to other industries. I'm senior but the team is small and i don't directly manage anyone, just bring in sales. In my consultancy days, i was in a technical role too and I left just as I was beginning to manage teams and have only have 1-2 years experience of managing. I.e my skill set is very focused. I thought an MBA might broaden my horizons somewhat to perhaps move into a different industry or direction. Would anyone be kind enough to give advice on whether 36 is too old to do an MBA? Is this a fools errand?

Financially, I have no problem taking a year out to study. I also would be prepared to take a pay cut.

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#2 RE: MBA at 36?
28/12/2015 18:33

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Tom (#1)

Be under no illusion, in consultancy you still shovel the same stuff day in day out.

By the way, what does an MBA cost these days? Probably enough to make one's eyes water just thinking about it.

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#3 RE: MBA at 36?
28/12/2015 22:36

Frio to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

I'm not a massive fan of MBAs - I've seen many MBAs join the various consultancy companies I've worked for and seen little difference between those I work with who have MBAs and those who do not.

It seems that you've got some great experience and do not need an MBA to re-join a consultancy. I'm considered an SME, I've worked hard to gain broader management experience and pushed for stretch roles in engagement management etc. Perhaps it's the kind of conversation you can have in interviews - it sounds like you can hold out for the right opportunity.

I'm currently on bit of a downer about the world of consultancy and looking at opportunities in industry. I would really advocate challenging yourself about what's truly important to you and why you think consultancy will help you achieve that.

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#4 RE: MBA at 36?
29/12/2015 16:36

Tom to Frio (#3)

Thanks very much for both of the replies and words of encouragement.

The reason i'm considering an MBA is because I'm feeling stuck where i am and feel that i need a change. i don't have a great deal of management or even general business experience outside of my particular niche. I would not feel confident going back to consulting or changing industry at my current level because my skill set is so focused. Opportunities are pretty limited at my current work.

An MBA could help give general business experience which I feel i need to make a move.

Finances are no problem (25k ish + no salary for 1 year). I just need to figure out whether I would get out of it what I hope!

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#5 RE: MBA at 36?
31/12/2015 15:44

Omega to Tom (#4)

It is hard to say. I finished MBA at 36, but I was not the oldest by far. FT MBA are usually younger, PT MBA are older. Also, some schools, Cranfield for example, recruit older students. However, once you got your MBA, you need to play your cards well to land on the job you want. Some career services will help you with this, some won't, it depends on school. Also, if you end up in a top 10 MBA in the world, then it is way higher chance to change your life. I am not saying for better - some jobs will demand even more time to spend at work

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#6 RE: MBA at 36?
03/01/2016 23:09

alexandermeerkat to Omega (#5)

Forget the MBA and find a new job. Sales is such a huge and interesting field. What about taking a job doing sales at a startup/ early stage company etc.

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#7 RE: MBA at 36?
04/01/2016 12:05

semon to Tom (#1)

Yes, you can do it

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#8 RE: MBA at 36?
04/01/2016 14:43

Simon 18 to Tom (#1)

After reviewing over 300 Executive MBA programs, this website: conducted a comprehensive survey to find out which programs their community thinks are worth the tuition. You can also find some very useful career advice on their insights page.

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