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Moving from Accenture to Deloitte

#1 Moving from Accenture to Deloitte
01/12/2015 10:46



I am consultant team lead in Accenture since 1 year and I have an interview with Deloitte next week but the offered position is not clear, they mentioned Consultant/Senior consultant/ Manager in Technology- so I am aiming to ask for a manager position since I have around 15 years of experience in TMT industry (however only 1 year consultancy exp.)

Any advice if it is possible to move from consultant team lead in ACN to a Manager position in Deloitte and what is the expected salary range and benefits for Senior consultant and Manager positions in Deloitte?

How is the working culture in Deloitte compared to ACN?

Thanks All


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#2 RE: Moving from Accenture to Deloitte
01/12/2015 12:06

leanandgreen to ibabdelt (#1)

Hi Mark

What's you level at ACN? If that's below Manager, you might struggle to get a manager level with DT. It may help if you have hot skills, a sponsor within DT to make your case and great negotiating skills.

In my experience, DT consulting is less diverse (more white male british middle aged), and has a parochial UK-centric mentality (there is no feeling of a global network, you won't expect colleague in other regions/country to help you out / share info - and that makes sense, considering the management structure of both companies).

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#3 RE: Moving from Accenture to Deloitte
01/12/2015 19:38

Ronin to ibabdelt (#1)

Hey Mark,

As someone who did the exact transformation (SC in ACN --> M in DTT), I can share my experiences. I was in business consulting side, so maybe all might not be applicable:

- Biggest difference I saw was DTT is far more sales oriented and get ready to spend a lot of time in business chasing (RFP response etc). In the induction, one partner clearly said "you are all salesman now".

- Teams are smaller and the assignments were significantly shorter (more around 3-6 months), at least for business consulting side.

- Leanandgreen is right; business is far more UK centered, though UK acts like a center of excellence in the region.

- I think due to size, it is a little bit more competitive and expectations on levels are higher than ACN. Caliber of resources are good and last time I checked, there were a lot of people waiting for promotion; so be ready to working on building your network

Other things do not differ too much; still very political, still without your network you don't get promoted and most I've seen were questioning whether it was worth the effort yet working towards a personal goal (leave after X years, leave after Y rank etc).

Good luck in your negotiations!

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#4 RE: Moving from Accenture to Deloitte
01/12/2015 21:05

Trust & Respect to Ronin (#3)

Congrats on the interview.

Bear in mind dozens of people have been waiting months for offers in Consulting despite being promised them this year and it happened on numerous occasions in 2014 too. The Managing Partners for Talent and Consulting respectively have zero integrity - all they care about is profit.

Don't trust anything the Deloitte recruitment people say - they just spin lies. The partners are powerless against the bureaucracy.

Tactics include -

"key decision makers on holiday",

then it turns into "utilisation level below target this month",

then after months of emails/phone calls it turns into "we don't know anything"

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#5 RE: Moving from Accenture to Deloitte
02/12/2015 11:15

ibabdelt to leanandgreen (#2)

Thanks All for your help and advice

My level at ACN is a Consultant Team lead (I think similar to SC in DT) - but I was on more senior positions in my previous companies - just landed at consultant level in ACN as they claimed I have no Consultancy experience

I don't know about DT but I like ACN way of working and the people there are very supportive - the only thing is that I found that I have went down on position from what I used to do before and salary is too low, So I wanted to move to get better position and better salary - I am on 50K as senior consultant not sure if DT pays the same and if I would get a Manager position what is the salary expectation that I should mention to them?



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