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How do you do it?

#1 How do you do it?
26/07/2005 10:50

Stuck in a rut

Hi people, I'm really sorry if this sounds like I am moaning or maybe its that I am not trying hard enough or something, but whatever it is I'm in a rut and need some serious advice! I graduated 2 years ago and have had some great experience in a law firm specialising in client development for the Employment law unit, I now would love to focus my career on Consulting (ideally change management)! I have done my research, read a million facts and researched into consultancies and the recruitment agencies. I have sent my CV off to loads of agencies and all I seem to get back is a BIG FAT rejection note! I'm completely stumped on where to go from here. I have a great degree from a great university and pretty good experience under my belt for my age but I'm 24 and don't want accept that I am stuck with what I'm doing already. I am willing to rewrite my CV - anything just throw me a bone here and advise me how to crack the consulting industry. I'm calling out to anyone who will listen: please - how can I get out of my rut?

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#2 Re: How do you do it?
26/07/2005 11:32



Dont worry I'm having the same problem. I am a qualified accoutant with 5 years Tax experience and want to get into the Strategy consulting but having now sent out about 100 applications it seems to be the same old thing. Rejections, after rejections. Hey I've even gone to the extent that I'm willing to work for peanuts to get in but that doesn't seem to work either.

I think the best way and I know it sound stupid is to try for an MBA. That's not a gaurantee but it may help you out. I'm going for Harvard, INSEAD and LBS in the hope that once I complete my MBA I might get given a chance?

Sorry I cant give you any real words of wisdom but I guess hang in there!!

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#3 Re: How do you do it?
27/07/2005 12:47


Make a short list of people who you believe really get you and how you think....Ask them "Knowing me as you do, where would you suggest I best invest x+y+z competencies?"

Forget looking for a position...focus on your excellence and securing a referral to the right company.....

Most recruiters/HR etc. are to busy to bother with creative hires...they generally have a set check list.....

Your task is to make who you are relevant....sell your relevance and future potential...I will be happy to check out your resume if you like...... I was a lawyer, moved on to Diplomacy and am noe a self employed consultant...I empathize with your endeavours....

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#4 Re: How do you do it?
27/07/2005 17:44

Stuck in a rut

Dear Rodger - thank you so much, I really needed words that will stop me going around in circles! I have already started to do as you said and would very much like for you to look at (and probably butcher) my CV. If you do have time and have more words of wisdom, please email me on: - I am open to all criticism and advice. Thank you again!

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#5 Re: How do you do it?
03/08/2005 15:10


Hi there,

Not sure whether I can help or not but I thought I'd respond anyway. Firstly, are you looking for a large firm or a small firm? If it is the latter I might be able to help, also have you considered freelancing or not? It's difficult to suggest a way through the recruitment process without a little more insight into what you want. But if I can help it any way drop me a line. I used to work for a large consultancy firm and was heavily involved in the recruitment process and now I run a small firm so it might be interesting to exchange views.

Good luck

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#6 Re: How do you do it?
05/08/2005 13:06

how does one get into freelancing without the exp?

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