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SC move to Deloitte

#1 SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 13:38


Hi All,

I've received an offer from Deloitte to go to SC on 53k. Currently I am a C3 at Accenture on 47k and am trying to weigh up the pro's and con's of the move.

My main thoughts are about progression to manager level. Any opinions or insight would be appreciated.


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#2 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 13:54

Jack Black to NoTime (#1)

If you're a C3 (although this concept no longer exists in Acn), are you up for promotion in December? Worth hanging around to see what happens?

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#3 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 14:13

NoTime to Jack Black (#2)

Thanks for replying :)

Not up for promotion this round - the first push for M would be this time next year most likely. Although the performance process is apparently being replaced by who knows what...

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#4 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 14:24

Jack Black to NoTime (#3)

Ultimately it's a personal choice, but for me I don't really see the benefit. Your wage for a C3 is pretty low, although Accenture may address this in the next performance round, they acknowledge they pay below other firms.

You'd probably be looking at a 2 year run for manager at Deloitte, 1 if you're very good but could realistically have this at Accenture also.

So I personally wouldn't, pay rise would be enough to tempt me away if I was to think longer term. Is the work more interesting?

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#5 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 14:30

NoTime to Jack Black (#4)

Thanks again Jack Black.

I'm pretty much on the same train of thought as you. The pay increase isn't a huge jump (although SC at deloitte get an annual bonus as well).

What's really pushing me is that I am stuck on a not very enjoyable out of town project and have been for over 2 years. Deloitte would be in their digital division and have mostly London based clients.... which would be better from a work and location perspective... but it would almost certainly delay progression to manager compared to staying.... its a tricky one!

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#6 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 14:33

abc123 to NoTime (#5)

The bonus will be between £1-2K most likely, so nothing worth getting excited about.

Does the £53K include the £5,100 car allowance? (aka the 'car allowance' that everyone takes as additional cash) - if not, you should factor this into the salary offer.

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#7 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 14:44

Frio to abc123 (#6)

If you go to Deloitte you'll be starting again. No matter what you are promised in interview, there will be a bunch of internal people ahead of you in the promotion pecking order.

For £6k, I'd stick it out at Accenture, get promoted next year with a reasonable pay increase and then go back to the market.

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#8 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 15:10

NoTime to abc123 (#6)

Thanks abc123 - it does include the 5100 allowance!

Although I believe the bonus is based on company performance and is allegedly around 10%... could well be HR being optimistic there though.

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#9 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 16:34

abc123 to NoTime (#8)

I can tell you with great certainty that the bonus will not be 10%. Someone is telling you porkies.

That is the very bottom of the SC band. Tell HR to ask the Partner for £58K and see what happens (I know someone who moved from Acn to Del and went from £45 to £58K)

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#10 RE: SC move to Deloitte
14/10/2015 19:12

DCF to abc123 (#9)

On a cheery note, Deloitte was paying c. £53k PLUS car allowance to new SCs about 7 years ago.

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#11 RE: SC move to Deloitte
15/10/2015 06:06

agentsmith to DCF (#10)

I'd stay where you are and throw everything at getting promoted next year. Whatever the new performance management model is it will still need to provide the same promotion throughput as otherwise the carrot disappears.

Moving to a SC role at DD would be a sideways step. You also might end up out of town on a bad project. Unless you literally dread going into work and there's nothing you're learning day to day - stick it out then evaluate your options. Manager level at Accenture will pay a £72k+ package including car and bonus.

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#12 RE: SC move to Deloitte
15/10/2015 09:23

NoTime to agentsmith (#11)

Thanks agentsmith.

You're absolutely right, there is no guarantee I will end up based in London. It may even be sideways and bit backwards as there is no way I would get promoted within a year of joining DD, but the potential at Accenture is there. A bit of negotiation off the current role might be the best option now.

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#13 RE: SC move to Deloitte
15/10/2015 10:24

Dogbert to NoTime (#12)

Its a tricky one, but you need to assess where you stand in ACN with respect to your peers and what your chances are to get promoted next year. As you know C3 is the promotion year for most at Consultant level, but some get it earlier and some don't even make it until C4/5th year.

Reflect to see why you didn't make this year and how it is going to change next year - and your confidence in that happening. You still need to do all of these with a lateral move to D as well as putting additional effort to build your network.

Its not a bad idea to speak to your MD regarding the D offer and that you are considering the move. Their response may help you decide.

Although 6K alone doesn't sound too tempting, 10K may help you sticking it out bit longer at SC level with D before you make M.

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#14 RE: SC move to Deloitte
15/10/2015 10:28

Jack Black to NoTime (#12)

Speak to your CC. One of the (apparent) perks of consulting is the ability to choose your own projects, within reason of course. If you've done 2 years on a project then you have served your time, consulting should offer variety and it sounds like you are not getting it. Be careful how you play it, don't want to come across as a moaner, you do however need to look after number one, nobody else will.

Have you considered some of the smaller city firms? Deloitte, I imagine, will feel very similar to Acn... a big corporate machine where you need to fight for attention. I know a couple of guys working in smaller firms which have a more 'family' feel to them, and they pay more too. A consultant in Acn moved over and got 63k (if I remember correctly) plus guaranteed bonus for a senior consulting role, not too shabby.

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