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Baringa vs. EY

#1 Baringa vs. EY
02/09/2015 23:36


Hiiiiii beautiful people,

I have been in a bit of a pickle lately and would highly appreciate the opinions and recommendations of you very clever bunch of consultants!


I have been at EY for a couple of years at an SC grade and on point for promotion in the middle of next year. As I specialize in the Energy/Utilities sector, I have been approached by Baringa (who seem very reputable in this sector) with a sterling offer.


I am not sure if I should stick it out as an SC at EY and move to Baringa as a Manager, once I have been promoted and in-role as a Manager, with a few Manager level projects under my crocodile belt. The package I have heard as an internal promote as a Manager is around £65k (incl £5k car allowance). Baringa have offered me circa £70k (including their guaranteed bonus) at the top end of their SC grade. They also have four promotion rounds a year, which means the move to their Manager grade, can be a real prospect mid to end of next year (I think this is c.£85k starting salary).

P.S. the grading structure between Baringa and the Big 4 is slightly different. They class entry level Managers from the Big 4 as their top end SC's.


Do I jump now and go for Baringa?

Do I stay put at EY and play the long game of having the broad level of flexibility from a large corporation (training, building my network, access etc) and move in to a boutique as an experienced Manager, at some point next year?


Please fill in :-)



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#2 RE: Baringa vs. EY
03/09/2015 10:00

Jack Black to Sally123 (#1)

Why not ask for manager at Baringa. I'm always dubious about side ways steps, granted the money is more, but being a manager within EY would open more doors for you potentially.

Also, never take promotion as a given, people will tell you anything you want in an interview but when it comes to the performance reviews all they need to say is you're not performing to the level required and you'll have no promotion.

So my view, ask for Manager at Baringa, failing that wait for promotion at EY. Know your batna.

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#3 RE: Baringa vs. EY
03/09/2015 11:56

marsday to Sally123 (#1)

Follow the money. Big 4 slightly over-cook their Managers anyway, so this will be a promotin about the Big equivalent you would walk away from in about 6 months anyway.

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#4 RE: Baringa vs. EY
03/09/2015 13:18

Bob to marsday (#3)

I'd suggest salary and progression is only one factor to consider. After all 6-12 months is a blink of an eye in your overall career.

Consider also what type of organisation and what kinds of people you want to work for and with.

Some prefer big corporates while others would see them as impersonal. If you really enjoy the people you work with and for at EY and respect them then fine. Otherwise why not ask to meet a few more of the Baringa team you would likely be working with.

Also do you get to do the type of work you want to do at EY?

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#5 RE: Baringa vs. EY
07/09/2015 22:23

Bruce Wayne to Bob (#4)

From someone who made the move from ACN I have no hesitation in recommending you make the move to Baringa. You'll be given lots of responsibility early and the culture and people are great.

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