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PwC strategy senior associate (confused)

#1 PwC strategy senior associate (confused)
26/08/2015 22:40


Hi all

So I am a fresh MBA with 6 years pre-MBA industry experience. And I have just been called for an interview for senior associate role in consulting (mine is a open application through internal reference). However I am totally confused as with my experience I was thinking I should be considered for a manager role?

Or is there something I am missing here? Are MBAs only considered for senior associate positions? At least with my industry experience I should have been considered for a manager post. Any advice would be really valuable.

kind regards

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#2 RE: PwC strategy senior associate (confused)
27/08/2015 09:52

Richthekeeper to newbie_2015 (#1)

a common trick pulled by the big 4 is to negotiate you down a grade from where you really belong, so they can hire you cheaper. if the job is right for you then don't worry about the grade, but don't be fooled by their insinuations of immediate promotion. it won't happen.

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#3 RE: PwC strategy senior associate (confused)
27/08/2015 10:06

Frio to Richthekeeper (#2)

It is a common trick, and immediate promotion (within the same year) is extremely unlikely to the next grade no matter how much they promise you. Unless it's the Managing Partner who makes that promise and you get it in writing.

If I was interviewing you, from what you've described I'd place you at SC/M.

I would need to be pretty sure that you could hit the ground running as a Manager and your experiences to date backed that up.

Expectations of Managers within the Big 4 are extremely high

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#4 RE: PwC strategy senior associate (confused)
27/08/2015 11:17

newbie_2015 to Frio (#3)

Thanks for your insights

So would it be safe to assume that I prove myself in the interview process and I might have a chance to negotiate the position!? Also if I were to get a Senior Associate role, will there be any chance to negotiate a higher salary given my MBA and industry experience!? I have seen the avg salary for Senior Associate Consulting and they are very very low and no where near to what I got paid pre-MBA. I am not greedy what so ever however it would be a shame for my MBA (and it is a top tier MBA) and industry experience to consider SA for such salary.


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#5 RE: PwC strategy senior associate (confused)
27/08/2015 11:36

MAK. to newbie_2015 (#4)

6 years non-consulting pre-MBA experience isnt good enough for a Manager grade at any of the Big 4 despite the pedigree of your B-School

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#6 RE: PwC strategy senior associate (confused)
27/08/2015 12:54

newbie_2015 to MAK. (#5)

Thanks I understand that.

Although it is too early to talk about it, can I at least negotiate for higher salary for my CV if I get through the selection process successfully?

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#7 RE: PwC strategy senior associate (confused)
02/09/2015 12:25

ldnconsultant to newbie_2015 (#6)

Hi newbie_2015

The salary cap on PwC Senior Associates in mainstream consulting is 45k - strategy may go higher however.

What exactly is your pre-MBA experience? If it's solid transferable experience in industry then there's no reason why you couldn't come in at Manager grade.

DO NOT fall for the trap of having to take the lower grade / prove yourself / try to get a promotion early. The min time allowed for a promotion is 18 months in grade, so you're looking at at least 2 yrs if you came in as an SA.

FYI - Manager grade goes from 48-65k.

If you feel you have enough decent, transferable experience then push for Manager and believe in your worth!

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