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Accenture Australia is the reverse of a meritocracy- rewards are for evil doormats

#1 Accenture Australia is the reverse of a meritocracy- rewards are for evil doormats
14/08/2015 17:05


Anyone with nice things to say about Accenture are not genuine employees or maybe they're shareholders. Resigning from Accenture was one of the best thing I ever did for myself. Even a friend said Accenture was destroying my soul. The attrition rate at Accenture is 2 years for good reason! The good reviews must be fake and it is an amazing phenomenon to watch new employees very quickly (in just weeks) go from being all fired up about consulting at Accenture to hating Accenture with all their being.

Most managers at Accenture at lazy and rude and won't get involved in the work their team are doing. They delegate everything to their overworked team members and are briefed by their team leaders for 5 minutes before a meeting with the client. They lie to the client and everyone. They say they pay high wages but the truth is they pay lower wages. They say they are leaders in diversity and respect the individual but this couldn't be further from the truth. Their advertising promotes the opposite of what the company is really like, but it doesn't take employees long to work out the truth.

Many managers force their team to only record 8 hours a day on their time sheets which means Accenture employees work many hours of daily overtime and weekends for no payment. Managers blame "the budget" for this but I assume the managers who save the most on employee wages are promoted or rewarded. Many doormats who work at Accenture will work this overtime for free and those who work the most unpaid overtime are promoted. In these situations, employees who record their real hours are swiftly "rolled off" projects. I hated to see employees so overworked. Accenture under-resources and over-promises clients and their projects are often delayed and they deliver less than originally agreed. This is often caused the fact that Accenture sends most of the jobs overseas to their cheaper employees in India and the Philippines and the cultural and time factors involved with this.

Accenture rewards the worst sorts of individual behaviors and the concept of "team work" has no place in their company. Employees who progress are the ones who back-stab or embarrass their own team members when the project manager is in earshot, lie and conceal important information from their own team.

Inexperienced employees are "expected" to quickly become experts in any technology by self-skilling using google or just picking up expertise magically as they do the job! Accenture do not train their employees to use any technology or skill required in their roles. Tele-conference training is available on some technologies but most Accenture employees are too busy doing their roles to attend and it's usually not training in technologies relevant to their roles.

Accenture prefer good-looking and young people to fill their IT roles and often these employees have not studied IT and don't even like IT! If you ask them, they will say they don't like IT roles and hope to do something else. HR tells employees that socializing is part of their job.

Employees must be able to relocate with just a day's notice to any city or country on the planet, which is obviously unsuitable for most people.

People who work at Accenture are too busy to find another job or they can't yet find another job.

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#2 RE: Accenture Australia is the reverse of a meritocracy- rewards are for evil doormats
14/08/2015 17:18

Jack Black to Popz (#1)

Lets provide a little balance to this one-sided nonsense.

I am an employee of Accenture, not a shareholder and I enjoy my work.

My managers (immediate and Senior, including MD's) are all hard working, and probably more importantly are all good people. The don't lie.

People who get into consulting and expect to work hours 8 a day are stupid. You won't get overtime (rightly or wrongly) but in exchange you are fast-tracked into positions which would take many years to get in the 'normal' world.

People who progress are generally those who do the job well, including networking, that much is bloody obvious of any job in any sector.

So, Popz, for every bad story you can find a good one. Accenture we admirable in the way they dealt with me over some rather substantial changes in my personal life. Perhaps I was lucky, perhaps you were unlucky, in reality it's somewhere in the middle.

I bet you feel better for your little rant.

One little point I would add however, usually the people who feel like this feel as though the world owes them a favour. It doesn't. Granted, you need a balance but it is really up to you to drive this.

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#3 RE: Accenture Australia is the reverse of a meritocracy- rewards are for evil doormats
14/08/2015 19:40

Zama to Popz (#1)

Railing against a high leverage staffing model...

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