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Accenture/PA: Tony Restell

#1 Accenture/PA: Tony Restell
14/07/2005 12:40


Tony, on an earleir thread you mentioned to someone that Accenture would get them a place at a good business school rather than the ACA qualification. I wanted to know how highly (if you know or if you can hazard a guess) PA is rated in the UK amongst business schools and in the US.

Would you advise one to perhaps work at accenture for a few years to help get into a top business school and then if they wanted/prefered then to go to PA?


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#2 Horse before cart?
14/07/2005 12:55


Shouldn't you be choosing a business school based on whether it will get you into an employer, and not the other way round ? PA doesn't require an MBA as an entry requirement, you can get in straight from your primary degree if you're good enough.

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#3 Both are great
14/07/2005 18:00

Tony Restell (

I'd agree with these sentiments - and in terms of getting into business school I would say both PA and Accenture are first-rate organisations, so not really a basis for deciding which one to join... Tony

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#4 Re: Both are great
16/07/2005 02:08


Equally, not every bugger at business school is a consultant, and thank God / Allah / providence / the Admissions Directir for that!

Most places go more on intrinsic personal qualities and impact in your work, whatever that might be, rather than be overawed by your employment with a *particular* consultancy. Some US business schools *may* be more narrow-minded but check out the diversity of the LBS intake.

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#5 Re: Both are great
18/07/2005 00:28

Finally someone who speaks some sense about business school and MBA's...RG I couldn't agree more with you here and in your other response to the freeloader who was looking for Accenture to pay for his MBA

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#6 Re: Both are great
18/07/2005 14:38

experienced Acn

I think many of the people using this website need to recognise that not everyone wishes to be a consultant and remain a consultant for the rest of their lives. One of the very attractive attributes of the profession is the variety of skills that it allows you to pick up which are skills that can be used in almost every other industry. Many people choose consultancy as a stepping stone to a good business school so they can do an MBA to learn about business with future aspirations of running their own businesses. In fact there are not a great deal of people who ever remain with the same consultancy. I started off at acn, hoping to learn about business, to eventually own a business. So then I did an MBA at INSEAD, but I found myself enjoying consultancy so much that I stayed in the industry and moved to Bain. So although to a committed consultant, the act of enquiring about sponsorships for MBAs (in attempt to move on from consulting) may seem like freeloading, every decision one makes in ones life is a means to an end. So if someone asks for advice about something, give them the benefit of the doubt about what their future aspirations may be, and answer the question to help them, as supposed to presuming that they want something for nothing.

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#7 Re: Both are great
18/07/2005 16:40

Upside Down

The original poster didn't say anything about ACN or PA sponsoring their MBA, just wanted to know which one would be more recognised by a US business school. The answer is that both of them are of the same calibre. Its the quality of work that you do whilst there, that really matters

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