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#1 Capgemini
11/07/2005 19:51

CDC interviewee

I have an CDC interview coming up and wondered what questions they are going to ask. Has anyone been through the process or know what it entails. Any advice would be much appreciated. Similarly, what has CG's history been in recent years-has it been through troubled times?

Cheers CDC i

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#2 Re: Capgemini
12/07/2005 08:46


Sorry if this sounds grumpy CDC, but all the posts on this message board on "what sort of questions will I be asked?", suggest a lack of foresight - it's a job interview! What sort of questions do you THINK you'll be asked?!? The question about Capgem's history is even more disturbing. Yes, Cap has been through the mill in recent years, although they have recovered their position. Why on earth would you be applying to a company when you apparently know nothing about them??

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#3 Re: Capgemini
12/07/2005 12:39

Helpful not

A lack of foresight!

I have a pretty good idea what questions I THINK will be asked, I was asking with prticular reference to graduates who have recently gone through the same process as I will doing in coming weeks. I appreciate your assistance though-4 lines of nothing remotely positive or helpful. I wonder if you spend alot of your time wasting it and that of others?

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#4 Re: Capgemini
12/07/2005 13:59

Backing Mungojerry

The niaivety and selfishness of the current generation of Graduates never ceases to amaze. This forum is usually plastered with simplistic questions posted from those who are either too idle to find the answer for themselves or who somehow believe that they have some divine right to have everything served to them on a plate. The only people who answer the posts on this forum around "what questions will be asked" are the no-hopers who stupidly supply answers to those who, and they probably don't realise this, are in competition with them for a place within whatever firm. So, Capgemini, which are you? Or do you just hope that somebody is stupid enough to give you an advantage at interview? Get off your backside, and do your own research, and trust your instincts. You'll come across much better at interview anyway, and you'll certainly be less complacent than if you went in thinking that you knew what was coming next. Having interviewed literally hundreds of Grads for my firms, the candidates that have been more original in their preparation stand out a mile.

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#5 Re: Capgemini
12/07/2005 14:13

Backing Grad

'Niaivety and selfishness'-to be so niaive to think he/she hasn't done their own research is ridiculous. But asking grads on here to post their thoughts-who have maybe already been rejected and are thus no longer in competition with him/herself takes two minutes. Every answer you get you add a pinch of salt but every insight helps.

Us grads (well me anyway)are off our backsides, done our homework-and for the sake of 120 seconds might have got a repsonse to add to the others i've picked up from friends who are working at firms, gone through various process in recent years and other grads on similar forums.

Complacency has never crossed my mind good man/woman, but chill-if you're not going to contribute,save your fingers and my eyes-some people add to this forum. As for the, 'go with your instincts' comment-I'm not willing to enter a job interview on instincts and I don't know many who will without exhausting all possible options beforehand.


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#6 Re: Capgemini
12/07/2005 15:33

Answering the question

Hi! I went through the first round interview for Capgemini CDC a month or so back. It was a really simple process and compared to some interviews even quite enjoyable. I was simply asked to talk about my life from the age of 16 to the present day and justify every decision I've made as we talked through the application form. It was very much a "chat" and the hour flew by.

There were a few questions at the end that require a bit of thought regarding the consulting industry for example how would you sell Capgemini's services to a client above some of the other competitors. So i do suggest you read their website carefully and other articles and websites to ensure you're up to speed on their past and how they are set for the future.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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#7 Re: Capgemini
12/07/2005 20:00


Thanks, answering the question, much appreciated. I hope you got on well. Good to see us grads helping each other out now and then-I've done it on various forums and I know my friends have benefited from others' advice in the past-just offering a word of advice, encouragement or a slant/format of the interview can help.

Once again, thanks for your help.


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#8 Tony! How about two different message boards?
13/07/2005 09:01


Tony - This is a great site (despite the occasional bickering!), but it might be helpful if there was a message board specifically aimed at Graduates and one aimed at Experienced Hires? They seem to have very different questions... Just a thought!

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#9 Re: Capgemini interview tips
13/07/2005 15:54


hey CDC interviewee,

check out on, you'll get all the information you need to crack that interview.

Best of luck

C from NY

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#10 Re: Capgemini interview tips
13/07/2005 16:49



without taking the piss, where can I find this info on the message boards? because that isnt very helpful

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