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Losing motivation

#1 Losing motivation
08/06/2015 21:00


I've been in MC for just over 4 years (now manager grade pushing for senior manager), having moved from a change role in banking. Whilst the firm has been great to work for, given great career development/network etc. I've been finding lately that I'm increasingly demotivated. When I joined I was single and enjoyed the travel/intensity and now I'm married with two young children I find it's hard to approach projects with the same zeal. It's not just that I resent not being able to get home during the week I'm also a bit disillusioned by the work itself

Has anyone else had experience of going through this type of thing? If so any recommendations?

I could return to industry but fear it is a backward step. Also the pay is good in our firm and offers opportunity for faster, larger pay rises than a move back to banking (I think, tho happy to be corrected) could contracting be a good alternative, or is that too risky and short sighted?

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#2 RE: Losing motivation
08/06/2015 22:03

Jack Black to Familyguy (#1)

I think I am you, just 3 years behind. Travelling and being away from home is either something you enjoy, or something you don't. It's rare that having grown sick of it, you'll come to love it again, especially if you are missing your children. I've worked with a number of MC's, and once they hit the point you are describing, they all leave within 12 months (and are much the happier for it).

As to whether or not this is the right decision for you, well ultimately you must decide that. Is being at home every night at a reasonable hour for what is still a good wage more important than a potentially faster tracker career (I say potentially as I know people who have moved into industry and are flying, and some who have stalled)? You can still earn good money in industry, and with the right firm no reason you can't keep climbing the career ladder.

Tough choice, one which you'll only know is right or not after you've done it. Good luck.

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#3 RE: Losing motivation
08/06/2015 22:52

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Jack Black (#2)

I think I'm you, just 40 years ahead.

My advice: join a small firm, finish work by 6pm every night.

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#4 RE: Losing motivation
08/06/2015 22:58

presidentbartlet to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#3)

+1 for leaving within 12 months once I was working away from home with 2 children...Industry is good!

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#5 RE: Losing motivation
08/06/2015 23:06

Familyguy to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#3)

Thanks for the responses.

BEP smaller firm could be an answer if I lived in London but sadly my base is in the north and there is a distinct lack of options for boutiques that I am aware of (again happy to be corrected)

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#6 RE: Losing motivation
09/06/2015 10:12

noctilucus to Familyguy (#5)

Also be careful of some boutiques that may not use the "finish work by 6PM" method or require you to travel all the time.

I'd say the same goes for contracting, the risk of having to travel excessively unless you're fortunate enough to find clients nearby your home, is big...

PS I think I'm you but a few years older... still haven't found an industry job that satisfies my interests and doesn't require too much international travel either

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#7 RE: Losing motivation
09/06/2015 11:10

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to noctilucus (#6)

Dear Peter Griffin,

So ya live in the north, do ya. Well that's AWESOME, dude! The people of the north tend to finish work on time and have a more sensible approach to family life. It's not like in London where people stay in the office until 10pm even if they don't have anything to do (insecure little so-and-so's that they are). The North has a thriving economy, and there are plenty of businesses that would like to employ a person like you I am sure! Seek and ye shall find!

And now, you hard working dad, consider these wise words from the Rt. Hon. Stewie Griffin:

"Hey, mother, I come bearing a gift. I'll give you a hint. It's in my diaper and it's not a toaster."

Here endeth the lesson.

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#8 RE: Losing motivation
09/06/2015 21:58

presidentbartlet to Familyguy (#5)

Thanks for the responses.

BEP smaller firm could be an answer if I lived in London but sadly my base is in the north and there is a distinct lack of options for boutiques that I am aware of (again happy to be corrected)

That's my situation too, no real choice in the other consultancy front so industry it was

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#9 RE: Losing motivation
10/06/2015 00:39

Jack Black to presidentbartlet (#8)

I know consulting is very heavily London focussed, but we must have some in 'the north'?

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#10 RE: Losing motivation
10/06/2015 00:51

Mr Cool to Jack Black (#9)

There's simply not enough bull$hit in the North to support a proper consultancy industry; not since RBS, HBOS and Co-op all imploded

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#11 RE: Losing motivation
10/06/2015 01:05

Jack Black to Mr Cool (#10)

Does where you are based for a consulting firm really matter? ACN were happy enough to allow me to keep my home office as Newcastle when I moved into consulting, because I have to travel to where they ask me to, which isn't an issue for me at this very point in time.

Do the London based consultancies offer work primarily in London? I would imagine you'd still be on a contract which mandates travel as and when they need it, so if they do win that contract in Carlisle, then off you go!!

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#12 RE: Losing motivation
10/06/2015 09:32

Frio to Jack Black (#11)

Most of my consulting work these days tends to be in the North. Not sure why there's a lack of Northern boutiques.

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#13 RE: Losing motivation
10/06/2015 11:16

Mr Cool to Frio (#12)

For most consultancies, it does not really make sense to have more than one (or at most, a few) offices in each country. Most work is after all done on client site.

The question of where that office should be then comes down to two questions:

10% - where are staff most happy to congregate on the occasions they are not on client site?

90% - where do the partners want their office?

While there are obviously non-London based partners, the fact is that most are attracted to the capital and all the benefits/costs that come with it.

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#14 RE: Losing motivation
10/06/2015 12:48

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Mr Cool (#13)

Also don't forget the importance of one's address.

Sending out letters with an address of Jermyn Street or the Strand or whatever sends a very different message to a letter with something like "Units 3-8, Valour Business Park, Slough"

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#15 RE: Losing motivation
15/06/2015 14:00

anushi to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#14)

Suddenly, that feeling where you once were so passionate and energized to take action just isn’t there anymore. You try to hype yourself up but it’s not working, and everything you do seems to be counter intuitive.

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#16 RE: Losing motivation
15/06/2015 21:42

Secret Squirrel to anushi (#15)

Have you been talking to my wife?

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#17 RE: Losing motivation
16/06/2015 19:51

kol1 to Familyguy (#1)

I'm at exactly the same position.

It's not that the work isn't entertaining in consulting, my talent for bull-poop is so well atuned to consulting it scares me. I've been sat on the same client trading floor for over a year and massively appreciate how great it is to engage, and direct, senior stakeholders of the bank. Rock and Roll stuff (if you're a sad little man like me).

It doesn't help that we've come to EOY, and like you I'm a M going on SM. I wasn't up for it this year as new, but plan to head down the SM track this year (i'm doing an SM role anyway, why not). Those who will be promoted this year are the huggers. The guys who've not achieved too much but massively lick any brown crevice that comes their way. The amount of time spent 'crevicing' (Copyright KOL 2015) has massively demotivated me. And we're not talking pitches and sales either.

Therefore I am exploring/have explored the options you list.

1. Contracting.

6m ago I went for one interview and was offered the role an hour later. In the end I declined. For me it comes down to ambition and end-goal. My end goal is to make MD/Partner or whatever and contracting seemed like a short-term win with long-term emptyness. I think, if you're of the same ilk, you'll find the same and your lack of motivation would sneak in.

2. Industry.

Currently exploring this, but feel the grass is looking greener - I don't know yet if it truly is.

Let me know your thoughts,


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#18 RE: Losing motivation
16/06/2015 20:32

Familyguy to kol1 (#17)

Interesting views across the board on this one. Appreciate the input. My reflections are:

KOL - I totally get your point about end goal and whilst I originally and perhaps niaively aimed at the partner level I've been increasingly thinking that's not for me. The pressure and personal sacrifice are more than I think I would be willing to concede, even if this was just for a relatively short window before earlier retirement. On this basis I do think contracting has appeal if a bit too early in career to check out. The right role in industry could be the play.

BEP (et al) yes others do have a regional base and do allow you to live in the north but usually just means lots of travel to London for networking which is always key. Plus I think it would be the same issue as all big consulting firms are broadly similar.

Interesting that there are so many others in a similar boat, or who have gone through this.

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#19 RE: Losing motivation
18/06/2015 21:43

Asterion to Familyguy (#18)

Want less crevicing?

Join a smaller firm.

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