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Strategy Consulting -- Career Path - How to reach there ?

#1 Strategy Consulting -- Career Path - How to reach there ?
28/02/2015 05:16


Hey guys,

I am an Electrical Engineer with 4 Years of experience in Operations and maintenance on shop floor in Steel Industry. I am currently pursuing MBA from Germany.

I want a join a consulting firm in strategic consulting department. I have heard it's preferred to have multiple skills in consulting. I have work ex in Operation and could take Marketing as specialization in my MBA. But my real concern is, if i should go for CFA or not.

I know CFA is very tough, but i think i can at least clear Level 1 by the time i finish my MBA in Sept 2016 (CFA L1 June 2016).

What are your suggestions about what i should do, in order to make myself more competent and my CV more attractive for strategic consulting profile.


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#2 RE: Strategy Consulting -- Career Path - How to reach there ?
01/03/2015 10:21

Asterion to strategy.HSP (#1)

CFA is specific and universally recognised certification. Whether you study for it taking classes in Manhattan or over a radio broadcast in Siberia, it's the same thing.

An MBA, as a certification, is one of the most misunderstood ones. There's a HUGE difference in having one from a top 10 business school at a global level, a top 10 school in a major western economy, a top 10 school in a lesser economy.

I'm not sure where you want to try and apply for jobs in consulting. If it's in Germany, an MBA from a renowned German university could be seen better than a CFA certification, because that's more tied to the anglosaxon world I reckon.

Also, are you sure want to do strategy consulting? Do you have clear idea of what you'll be doing day to day? Do you understand that it somehow close to academic/industry research at times?

Have you considered operational implementation consulting work in the primary and secondary sector?

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#3 RE: Strategy Consulting -- Career Path - How to reach there ?
01/03/2015 15:47

ambitiousgrad to Asterion (#2)


I need a little help here. I'm based in India. I've done my MSc Finance and Investment from UK and currently working as a Financial Database Consultant in India. I will soon be moving to US and want to enhance my chances of getting into Strategy Consulting. I have researched a couple of institutes that provide management consulting certifications:

"Chartered Management Consultant (CMC)" from and "Chartered Management Consultants (ChMC)" from

However I'm not sure of these. I couldn't even find their reviews online and therefore asking for your help. Could you please provide me with more insights into these programs.. Are they worth doing.. as in accepted by the industry?

Are there any internationally recognised specialized course in Consulting? Something like CFA or CIMA.

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated!

Many Thanks!



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#4 RE: Strategy Consulting -- Career Path - How to reach there ?
02/03/2015 09:08

strategy.HSP to Asterion (#2)


Thanks for your reply.

Even though i am extremely mobile, i would prefer Europe specially an English speaking country. But since i have my visa and work permits for EU, i think it will be easier for me to get a job in EU. I am a citizen of India.

I am looking at firms like EY, Accenture, McKinsey and some small consulting firms in Germany.

I am not sure, if i have a very clear idea of strategy consulting, because i don't have first hand experience. I consulted my professors and went through past case studies and that's where i developed whatever idea of strategy consulting i have and i really like it.

Thanks once again for recommending operational implementation consulting. I'll look into it. It sounds interesting.

Looking forward to your advice. :)


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