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Skype Interview Advices and Tips

#1 Skype Interview Advices and Tips
07/01/2015 07:02


Skype Interview is very common nowadays, more especially that more and more people prefer to work abroad. For instance, you are from Jakarta, Indonesia and your potential employer is from Canada, they prefer to interview you via Skype.

Warning! It is very important to be dressed in the appropriate attire in the Skype process, do dress professionally. If you have need of further advices and tips on proper interview attire read on Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, official website.

It is still significant to wear smart professional clothing despite the fact that the interviewer just can see you from the waist up. This will make you feel more serious regarding the interview. It could help as well with your presentation, since the interview will seem more formal and vital. It will have an optimistic effect on your posture as well, because you will feel more persuaded to sit up straight, which will cause you to appear more presentable.

Throughout the interview, it is significant to consider your body language and social interaction. On camera it can be hard to exercise in what way your body language comes across, specifically with the brief time frame of a Skype interview. Consequently, you must try and create a good relationship with the interviewer as fast as possible. Through doing stuff like making eye contact, sitting up straight and smiling, your non-verbal communications will make you look more self-assured. It will also make you look more confident and will help you speak more clearly if you sit up straight.

While your body language is hard to put across in a Skype interview, effort and concentrate on your tone of voice. Try to sound passionate and enthusiastic to be taking the interview for the employment you truly aspire, but do not sound like a fraud. It will demonstrate the interviewer that you are being of interest in the position and make you look like a more sociable individual. Having an excited answer to a question will maintain the interviewer’s interest in what you would say, seeing that you do not desire to drop their attention.

Lastly, if you are not capable to have the interview at home, make certain you consider cautiously regarding the location that it will come to pass. It must be a noiseless place with no interruptions, so that the interview would run smoothly. If the spot you are having the interview is in public, in that case you should let the interviewer learn in advance so you can reschedule or the interviewer will take that into consideration.

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#2 RE: Skype Interview Advices and Tips
19/01/2015 12:03

RockyMark to i3tcheverry (#1)

Skype Interview Advices and Tips

Answer –

The process of Skype interview is different from that of face to face interview. Some tips for Skype interviews are as follows:

(i) The Skype interview is not like any other video chat that we usually have with friends. We need to be well dressed and sit in a proper posture.

(ii) Making gestures and body language add weight to your job interview.

(iii) Please ask at least one question whenever an interviewer gives you the opportunity.

(iv) Most importantly, one should practice enough to make sure that he is confident to face such an interview.

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#3 RE: Skype Interview Advices and Tips
13/05/2015 09:13

danny to RockyMark (#2)

Maximum recruiters prefer skype interviews , special if the candidate is in other state or country . It has become easier for recruiters to conduct such interview and find out best candidate for their company.

Make sure your camera works properly and other require devices functioning properly.

Be presentable , I mean here is wear formal though it is not face to face meeting but the interviewer can see you.

Try to adjust your voice level according to interview , check if can hear you properly .

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#4 RE: Skype Interview Advices and Tips
10/06/2015 13:11

tasolutions to i3tcheverry (#1)

Skype is the best and common way of interview now days. With the use of technology person can give interview without physical present at interview location. So it is important to represent yourself best in front of the recruiter. You must be quite confident while giving answers. Your appearance matters a lot to get selected. Keep in mind your body postures and movements. T & A is a best job consultant in Chandigarh delivers the best services in hr domain. We explore the best and right person for the right place.

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