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New Starter at PA

#1 New Starter at PA
06/06/2005 16:10


Hi - I'm strating at PA for the Business & Operational Performance practice at the end of this month. I'm new to consultancy and am just curious to know what projects I might land up with (ie what have I let myself in for!!). Any info/help is much appreciated.

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#2 Re: New Starter at PA
06/06/2005 16:17


Welcome to BOP ! You won't regret joining us. The sort of work you will do will depend on the level you've arrived in at. The atmosphere in BOP is very friendly and open, and you'll really have a great chance to bloom if you're up for it. Andrew Pav, our practice head, will usually take you for a lunch of Fish and Chips on day 1. I can't imagine a senior partner in one of our competitors taking time out to do that. Hope you're a sailor: our sailing regatta is on in the last week of September too, so keep your diary clear for that !!! Welcome aboard !!!

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#3 Re: New Starter at PA
06/06/2005 16:30


Chegs - Thanks for the speedy response! I'm very much up for job - found the people all through the interview process really clued up. I'm coming in at consultant level (after 9 years in industry). Fish and chips sounds good, in landlocked Manchester however, my only sailing experience has been a couple of barge trips on the Manchester Ship Canal!

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#4 Re: New Starter at PA
06/06/2005 18:16


Im still at university, and currently considering my options and am a regular viewer on this site and do have to say that Cheggers above all as sold PA to me based purely on his responses, openeess and honesty. While im not naive to join PA based soley on this, the firm does spring to mind everytime someone asks me about my opinion of a consulting form to apply to for a grad position. PA should utilise you more my friend in its recruitment process. Im interested in the strategy and marketing group at PA myself. Cheggers my man, could you please enlighten me to the culture, type of work and people within this practice and would you recommend it? regards.

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#5 Re: New Starter at PA
07/06/2005 11:38


SMP are a relatively small group in PA, but are likely to be subsumed into one of the larger practices over the next year, as part of what is called the BTG+ programme. This shouldn’t be a point of concern for you: it’s more about PA trying to grow critical mass in this area. Business in SMP is still relatively quiet, with most staff working on jobs in other areas, but they do seem to be growing, so you’re probably joining at just the right time.

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#6 Re: New Starter at PA
09/06/2005 09:00


Just saw the intro note which was sent out for you and the other new joiners in June Dave. Very impressive CV !! Welcome !

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#7 Re: New Starter at PA
09/06/2005 11:45


Cheers Cheggers - don't believe the hype! Any idea what projects I may end up on?

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#8 Re: New Starter at PA
09/06/2005 12:16


Hello Cheggers and Dave. I also work for BOP, and I'll bet my mortgage I know who Cheggers is!! Hello mate.

Likewise, welcome Dave - I look forward to meeting you for a beer sometime soon.

Everyone!! Join PA!!!!

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#9 Re: New Starter at PA
09/06/2005 14:40


Fair enough, Chuggers has convinced me, I'll join.

Seriously, on Monday I was offered an analyst position in IS Implementation ;)

See you all in September!

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#10 Re: New Starter at PA
14/06/2005 16:12


Hi Cheggers,

Could you advise me on the potential starting salary a consultant would have within the decision sciences team at PA (1-3yrs experience required)?


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