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Career options

#1 Career options
03/06/2005 07:27

At the Crossroads

Hi, would be extremely grateful for people's opinions and personal experiences with regards to a few consulting firms with whom I currently hold offers, in terms of future long term career prospects, which would provide me with additional background to aid me in making a decision as to my next move.

I've been out of the consulting game for a while, having left Accenture five years ago in the exodus to chase the pipe dream of becoming an internet millionaire by the age of 25 - I was close, well on paper at least! Well, it was a fun time and I learnt a helluva lot - probably a lot more than had I remained at Accenture or Andersen Consulting as it was in my days. Now, I'm looking to get back on the old consulting bandwagon.

I've been lucky enough to secure offers from Bain; Booz Allen, Capgemini and Deloitte. All offers are IT Strategy focused. All the firms mentioned obviously have pros and cons, which I would summarise as being: Bain and Booz - Both blue chip Strat houses, and would be great on CV, but given my IT background and no MBA, I'd be coming in at Senior Associate level (despite eight years experience) and also not sure what the long term prospects would be since everyone I met had MBA's and thus would these factors make me a second tier consultant in such organisations (both firms have indicated my experienc means the need to do an MBA is not as great and would be supplemented with applicable training, and thus this shouldnt be an issue in terms of long term prospects). Capgemini and Deloitte would offer a more traditional consulting environment that I am familar with and hence both positions on offer are at Senior Mgr level, and progression is more assured, since my skill set and experience are more aligned and applicable to both business models. Both have indicated that assuming I hit performance targets etc. they'd expect me to make VP/Director in the next 3-4 years, which is obviusly a very attractive goal to attain. However, both have clouds hanging over their overall businesses - Capgemini have had a rough time in last 2-3 years (worse than their peers) and are still ironing out 2 mergers, whereas Deloitte, there seems to be indecision as to the overall direction of the consulting practice mainly due to continued cloud that hangs over the entire firm due to the constraint of separation of audit and professional services to avoid conflict of interests.

Packages for Capgemini and Deliotte are more competitive than the strats houses due to level, but this isnt the main consideration for my decision, which is focused on long term prospects, of making it to the top in these firms and the associated challenges.

All firms have been very good at giving me time to make what is an extremely important decision, which is somthing that I cant say about the recruitment consultants, who have been a nightmare! :-)

Any insights are very welcome.


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