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Offer on cards

#1 Offer on cards
26/05/2005 02:44


The basics -

-> PA Consulting in US

-> On offer - Base: 70K (Bonus would be in the region of 10 - 20%). No sign on bonus.

-> Me: 3 years in IT Strat/Application/ Project Mgt. space (Rapid growth in present job - reached Project Manager in record time within my unit)

Pros -

-> I like 'em!:) All my interviews and interviewers have managed to impress me. I like the work that they do too.

-> Promise of early promotion - they said it will happen within months.

Cons -

-> Pay wise not immensely different from my current job.

-> Not at consultant level (they want me to join at Associate Consultant - which again as mentioned above would change soon according to them)

Any views guys? Please chip in with your views.

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#2 Re: Offer on cards
26/05/2005 10:10


Sounds good. Congratulations. If you are confident of rapid progress, I wouldn't quibble the pay/grading too much. PA are doing pretty well just now, just it sounds like a sensible move to me with good prospects. Good luck!

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#3 Re: Offer on cards
27/05/2005 12:20


Well done on the offer!

One point: I'd ask them why, if they will promote you in months, don't they think you are a consultant now? Seems a bit odd to recruit you at what they are almost admitting is the wrong grade?

Do you have any ideas on this Recruitgal?

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#4 Re: Offer on cards
27/05/2005 13:50


Actually I did ask them that. The response was (quite sensible I must admit privately! :)) -

1. An early promotion (and the hike that comes with it) would boost my confidence in the company and make me committed to stay longer. It would be a positive thing for me (an early promotion) and for the organization (as I'd be staying longer).

2. The Sr. Partner whom I talked with wanted me to be a "star" at the level I come in and then move to higher position - that would do me good in the long run career wise within the organization.

I did try to talk my way through it - but they're standing firm on that count :(. But, all said and done - I guess it makes more sense taking it up than not - right?

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#5 Re: Offer on cards
27/05/2005 14:45

Spongebob Roundpants

What it means is that they can screw you prior to promoting you. It's simple really - you potential will be 'spotted' as soon as you walk through the door. As a result you will be sold to the client as the next grade above you current position. You will feel dead chuffed at this. Until you realise, of course, that they are charging a market rate for you abilities and they will get away with paying you an even smaller percentage of that unitl they promote you. Their margins are increased by selling you at your correct level whilst paying you less. Clever huh? Please tell me you didn't fall for their explanation.....

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#6 Re: Offer on cards
27/05/2005 15:03


Being brought in at a lower grade is fairly usual in consulting. The employer is taking a bet on you living up to what you told them about your abilities. PA are usually pretty quick about promoting people, up until PC level.

It's usual to ask to speak to current employees at your own level to talk through your concerns on a confidential basis. Why not call the HR contact, and ask them to tee something up ? Its not an unreasonable request, and from PA's perspective they don't want you to leave disappointed in two / three months.

Best of luck: PA are a fantastic organisation with a great culture.

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#7 Re: Offer on cards
27/05/2005 15:23


I can see their point and it's always nice to be the top of the lower class than the bottom to middle of the top class. I'd make sure you get something in writing about a mid year review etc though.

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