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Best company to give you a shot at a top MBA

#1 Best company to give you a shot at a top MBA
16/07/2014 10:40


Hello. . .

I have been wondering if you could help me with some advice. I have been working in transactions consultancy for slightly over 6 months (right out of the master). Basically, I have been my projects are around Due dilligences, VBMs and Reestructurings. However, I would like to try some strategy consultacy, mostly to increase my possibility to enter in a MBA in 3 to 4 years.

So, my objective is to enter in a top BSchool to do my MBA. Since I am European my goal is INSEAD or London. However, the possibility to have a shot on HBS or Stanford also interests me.

Having that in my mind, my question is what companies do you advice me to candidate. Obviously MBB is top of my priorities but it is also a long shot, and I am not the kind fo student with top grades (although they were good in a top school in Euope).

Assuming that I cant enter in MBB (although I will try it) my focus, probably, would be Delloite, Accenture or AT Kearney. Since, I want to enter in a top BSchool for MBA and prefer to stay working in Europe, what are the companies that give me the best shot? Should I try a different one?

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#2 RE: Best company to give you a shot at a top MBA
23/07/2014 10:11

Xurde to tgb (#1)


There's not a single answer to this question and it depends a lot.

If you look at where top MBA candidates work pre-MBA, you will see that only about 10%-15% of them come from MBB, so you don't need to do strategy consulting to be admitted at a top program. It would help, but I guess if you don't have top grades it is a long shot.

I would recommend you to go through official stats (LinkedIn also works) to see where MBA candidates come from. But in a nutshell, a good chunk of them come from blue-chip companies (e.g. P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Shell, IBM, Intel, etc) and have had a relatively good performance there (in many cases, with some form of global exposure and managerial responsibilities).

Assuming you don't have an unusual background that can help you to stand out (being a top athlete at university, unusual involvement in philanthropy or politics, or even coming from a rare developing country -yes, this helps!-, etc), I would recommend that you try to find a good role in a well-known blue-chip company. While Deloitte, Accenture or AT Kearney are great places to work for, I honestly think they won't necessarily help you get into a top business school. Schools want a diverse student body and they can get most consultants they "need" from MBB (having said this, there are many cases of top MBA candidates coming from "2nd tier" consulting firms).

Of course, as I said before, it all depends a lot and there are a lot of exceptions. Just FYI, and to give some "validity" to what I am saying, I am an MBB consultant and an INSEAD graduate who was also admitted to LBS (and so I know well the background of the candidates from both schools). Most of my colleagues come from top MBA programs and I have just asked around to get their opinion (which is very similar to mine).

I am happy to help and answer any further questions. Again, this is my opinion and I know too well that it is only that, there are many ways to get into a top business school (but believe me 80%-90% of the students come from MBB or blue-chip companies).



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#3 RE: Best company to give you a shot at a top MBA
28/07/2014 11:43

tgb to Xurde (#2)


Before all thank you very much for your insights. In fact, I haven't assume the hyphotesis of going to a blue-chip company most because I think consultancy is more appropriate for the beginning of your career, as you have access to a larger number of situations.

Nevertheless I will start the application process with MBB as it is my mian objective. Those companies that I mentioned before are my second chance (where I include staying where I am). From now on I will include this third alternative that you shared with me.

Best regards

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#4 RE: Best company to give you a shot at a top MBA
29/10/2014 13:41

micalanderson to tgb (#1)

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