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Need help in Career Direction

#1 Need help in Career Direction
02/05/2005 14:19

Need Help

Hi, I would like to thank everyone on this site. Just found it and it looks great.

I need career advice if anyone has a minute to spare to provide it. I have been a Business/Software Analyst for the last two years.

My first year was more of a Project Coordinator and automation consultant. The second year has provided me experience in Information Systems auditing (On the way to becoming a Certified Information Systems Auditor), but also in various projects:

1. Software/Business Analysis and system selection (defining complete ERP requirements, understanding the process flow of all business areas, considering strategy and looking at potential growth...etc.)for two (Telecom, Manufacturing)

2. Developing Policies & Procedures in Operational facets of a company and BPR (Manufacturing)

3. Process & IT security reviews for two main companies for their draw event (Banks)

4. Disaster Recovery Plan for a major Bank

I have a BA in Business Information Management (UK, 1999) and have graduated last year with my MBA (US, 2004). I am 24 years old.

Problem: Too specialized in IT security & IT auditing, uncomfortable with work environment and low pay.

Challenge: I would like to steer my career into a direction more fitting to my long term goal. My long term goal is to become a Management Consultant. I would like to relocate also and career/pay is my priority. Geographical boundaries are no issue.

If anyone who is senior can provide me help in choosing a direction I would be truly grateful. It is very easy for me to get sidetracked into IT security, something I would like to avoid.

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#2 Re: Need help in Career Direction
02/05/2005 14:27

Need Help

One thing to add: I have not been clear about my long term goal as 'Management consultant' intentionally. Also I am looking for a career that can provide me experience in the following: Information Management, resource management, Business analysis, software analysis, Process Engineering, and various types of Cost-effective decision making.

Again, help would be truly be appreciated!

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#3 Re: Need help in Career Direction
02/05/2005 15:13

My Advice

I think you should think about applying to one of the IT focussed consultancies: Accenture, IBM, Atos, Capgemini, etc...Apply as an IT Effectiveness/Strategy type consultant and just build up your consulting skills. Once you've got that, you can talk to people and decide what kind of consulting you really want to get into. Just get your foot in the door mate. Consulting is a good industry to be in - give it some thought.

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#4 Re: Need help in Career Direction
03/05/2005 17:16


The Technology Integration group at Deloitte might be an option as well.

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#5 Re: Need help in Career Direction
04/05/2005 16:26

uju anyasi

i want to go into decoratuion, backing of weeding cake and fashion disigning.Am a gradsuate of microbiolgy but work presently with an IT farm.

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#6 uju anyasi
04/05/2005 22:53


Best post I've ever seen on this board!!

Please expand on your previous message.

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#7 Need help in Career Direction
05/05/2005 09:18

Mahasweta Saha


I am sweta and pls guide me to choose a right career.I am B.E in Mechanical engg from REC Trichy and was working with Whirlpool as a Senior engg in R&D.Now i had to leave this job due to marriage.Now I am jobless and searching for Job.

Problem:Shall i go for MBA or Job or shall i join Teaching job but for that i have to appear for NET to get a job in Engg college.

After marriage I want a respectable and lesser hectic job like teaching job,bank job holding managerial position.

Pls guide me.

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#8 Re: Need help in Career Direction
06/05/2005 15:26

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