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need urgent help

#1 need urgent help
24/04/2014 14:57


Can someone please help me with the various grade levels within CapGemini in UK.

What should be a good salary package for a 15+ years experienced IT Manager.

What designation should i be aiming for?

what are the perks i can bargain for apart from bonus, do they give signing bonus?

tahnks ina advance. will be happy to get a quick reply.

- New to UK

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#2 RE: need urgent help
24/04/2014 15:16

detoilet Consultant to newtotheforuminuk (#1)

Firstly is it Outsourcing (O grade) or Technology Services (T grade)

If Technology and you are manager level minimum to aim for is T7 more likely T8. This should give you 65k base at the very low end up to 120k. You'll get a benefit fund which you should ask covers a car around 6k at low end again. Aim for 15k+ benefit fund

For OS grades you'll be looking at a bit less. I doubt you're being considered for Consulting Services (CS) given you say IT manager.


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#3 RE: need urgent help
24/04/2014 15:37

newtotheforuminuk to detoilet Consultant (#2)

Thanks 'detoilet' :)

What are the various grades at CG and designation?

I mean t7, t8 seems alright but i have heard they have consultant , senior cons, manager, sneior manager.

Do you know the heirarchy

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#4 RE: need urgent help
24/04/2014 15:38

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to detoilet Consultant (#2)

6k a year for a low end car??

hehe now i got images of all those deloitte folk driving around in brand new jags and mercedes benz's

my car cost £1,950 and i love it

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#5 RE: need urgent help
24/04/2014 16:26

detoilet Consultant to newtotheforuminuk (#3)

T6 is technical consultant

T7 senior consultant - but sold to clients as managers / PM etc

T8 manager

T9 senior manager / executive consultant/principal


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#6 RE: need urgent help
25/04/2014 17:03

newtotheforuminuk to detoilet Consultant (#5)

thanks for ur help and reply.

a major question usually you get offered based on what re earning. if my current sal is already low low end how do i make a bargain that is monetarily beneficial for me. because my reason of leaving apart from others is better pay packet.

also what else can we negotiate in benefits fund. since it is consulting life is it not better to give car allowance rather than spend on travel. moreover car allowance would be one off. how can we get a yearly constant.

apologize for the naiveness but appreciate the experts answer

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#7 RE: need urgent help
25/04/2014 23:43

Richthekeeper to newtotheforuminuk (#6)

You don't have to divulge your current salary information and in any case it's not really relevant.

The conversation you want to have relates to your salary aspirations and how much they would need to offer for you to accept.

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#8 RE: need urgent help
29/04/2014 11:33

newtotheforuminuk to Richthekeeper (#7)

Thanks for your replies guys. Lets see what happens next.

One final question. If there is a significant amount of travel involved. What are the extra benifits we can ask for. i mean off course the travel logistics will be borne by CG but do consultants get any more benifits. Is it better to do your travel by train or negotiate for a car and fuel allowance. Any other benifits we can claim/avail.


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#9 RE: need urgent help
29/04/2014 21:18

cloudnumbernine4u to newtotheforuminuk (#8)

Everything is at ACTUALS...doesnt matter whether train or car..

so unless you got trained by UK MPs, you wont be able to make use of the Expenses..!!

having said that, other benefits are off course the credit card points, loyalty points at hotels and flying miles that you earn for yourself..

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