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Big 4 grad scheme issue

#1 Big 4 grad scheme issue
22/03/2014 18:22


Joined as a grad at a Big4 a bit ago. The place in question is know for being quite 'siloed', but the grad scheme was advertised as giving broad exposure to different areas across operational/finance advisory and implementation. Found out upon joining we are all assigned to one very narrow area. There was zero consultation, no option to change (a few have tried, hasn't been allowed) and many people feel the scheme has been mis-sold. At no point during the recruitment or onboarding process is this mentioned.

Very difficult to join projects in different sub-areas, a lot of networking and bit of luck with timing needed. Not ideal but chose to suck it up, try everything in the book to join a project in my target area. Didn't come off. The sub-area leads will put you on one of their projects every time, and have no flexibility. Understand that it's their P&L, but long-term the attrition rate is losing them money. Hiring spree for higher grade is happening now due to this issue.

I'm coming up for promotion later in the year, but still have not had the chance to try anything other than the same exact work. I have no interest in working in this sub-area and sometimes regret joining. Further problem is that projects can last 6 months plus, frequently up to a year which is very demoralising.

Stupid thing is in this hiring market they could get people who actually are keen on the kind of work each sub-area does, if only they were transparent throughout the hiring process. As it is, my cohort are out the door as soon as we've done our 2 years. A shame.

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#2 RE: Big 4 grad scheme issue
22/03/2014 19:56

Arby the Manager to jimfold (#1)

What is your question?

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#3 RE: Big 4 grad scheme issue
22/03/2014 22:00

MikeTC to jimfold (#1)

Good to know.

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#4 RE: Big 4 grad scheme issue
22/03/2014 22:16

DCF to Arby the Manager (#2)

Sorry, I must have missed the bit where it was decided all posts must be questions.

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#5 RE: Big 4 grad scheme issue
23/03/2014 17:57

Arby the Manager to DCF (#4)

Don't have a hissy fit - I was trying to kick start a discussion by drawing out the primary point which was troubling him...

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#6 RE: Big 4 grad scheme issue
23/03/2014 18:58

Tacitus1 to Arby the Manager (#5)

I guess the question/s would be around why big 4 consulting firms sell good graduates up the river during the recruitment process when clearly it isn't going to end well in the long run? In addition, what can intelligent graduates do to improve the situation in order to try and get a grip on their own career during their two year grad scheme?

I see this scenario happening daily and it's bloody gutting it's the case at the moment. It leaves intelligent graduates with a sour taste in their mouth and a pessimistic view of consulting. As a result, it seems to be the case that those happy with the situation go on to become managers/senior managers and maintain this culture/approach to the graduates coming through on a yearly basis. The cycle repeats.

Maybe that should start the necessary discussion :)

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#7 RE: Big 4 grad scheme issue
23/03/2014 21:44

Defence88 to Tacitus1 (#6)

It's not just big four graduate schemes, mine was very similar in industry. I seen lots of grads get themselves all worked up over being mislead about the scheme, didn't really do them any good except to have their card marked up senior people as troublemakers. My advice would be it suck it up, don't feel aggrieved because it won't help you. Make the best of it that you can and after the two years, jump ship for a likely promotion and pay rise and let the other grads get all worked up over trying to make the senior people 'see the light' about how badly they are treating the graduates.

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#8 RE: Big 4 grad scheme issue
04/04/2014 10:04

cenkuzun29 to jimfold (#1)

So what's the deal?

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