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Random Acts of Kindness

#1 Random Acts of Kindness
07/03/2014 10:12

Bushy Eyebrow Partner

Has anybody else heard of the "Random Acts of Kindness" trend? Somebody was telling me about it today, apparently it is catching on in the USA and it's a lovely idea. Basically it's like going around mugging people or breaking into their house or scratching their cars, except in reverse. Instead of pushing your way to the front of a queue to get served first, you push in and then pay for a coffee for the person behind you. Or instead of nicking somebody's car overnight, you wash it for them so that they first thing they see in the morning is their muddy old ford mondeo looking nice and shiney. Or, if you know they're going to be out for the weekend, then instead of breaking into their house and nicking their TV, you mow their lawn so that they come back and think "WTF!"

I think this is a lovely idea, do any of you know more about it and how popular it is over here so far?

Have GR8 weekends D00DS!

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#2 RE: Random Acts of Kindness
07/03/2014 13:19

Tacitus1 to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#1)

Lol Bushy - your threads make me chuckle.

I have not heard of it really taking off here on the 'street' per se (coming from a mid 20s perspective). I also don't think people in London would be too keen on strangers touching their 'sh*t' (cars or lawns) no matter what the purpose

Wouldn't it be great though if people in this world did things like this as a normal week to week activity rather than it being applauded through modern 'trends'? - *sigh*

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#3 RE: Random Acts of Kindness
07/03/2014 13:43

marsday to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#1)

I regularly perform random acts of kindness, but in a structured fashion and usually find it triggers a reciprocal random yet structured act of kindness.

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#4 RE: Random Acts of Kindness
07/03/2014 16:30

detoilet Consultant to marsday (#3)


I too regularly do random acts of kindness. Today when I went to work I can say I helped a poor Romanian get themselves a house, bought them a few beers and cigs and then on top of this fed them. This is not an anti uk person thing as I also did the same for a Brummy. It's becoming wearysome as none of them have thanked me or said I shouldn't have bothered. In fact the opposite. The charitable organisation I give to have just sent me a letter saying they want more - or they'll prosecute - where is the kindness in that ! I can see why some people don't pay tax anymore and take their gizillions abroad


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#5 RE: Random Acts of Kindness
07/03/2014 21:09

Freezing to detoilet Consultant (#4)

When waiting for the tube on the jubilee line...patiently waiting my turn...and I see someone try and jump on the train bypassing the queue, I ensure I advise them they can 'f*** off to the back of the line'

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#6 RE: Random Acts of Kindness
08/03/2014 00:07

Mr Cool to Freezing (#5)

Back in 2000 I performed a random act of kindness by watching the incredibly shite film "pay it forward" in the understanding that Kevin Spacey would then go on to make a good film.

It's nice to see the same trend on a 14 year cycle...

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