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Best Industry Group within Accenture

#1 Best Industry Group within Accenture
16/02/2014 18:01


Is anyone in a position to provide any insight into the different industry groups/client service groups at Accenture, thinking specifically about their work within the UKI strategy community.

Are there any industry groups that are superior to others?

I'm thinking about factors here such as their reputation (internally and externally), how much work is won, how interesting the work is, prospective exit opportunities etc.

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#2 RE: Best Industry Group within Accenture
25/03/2014 19:11

The Bodacious Analyst to anon12345 (#1)

I have heard that new analysts will be tied to industry groups as opposed to MC or TGP aligned, therefore, I would also be interested in hearing peoples thoughts (or realistic conjecture) on this.

While it's going to be impossible to objectively identify the 'best' industry group, we can still unearth some of the facets of each.

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#3 RE: Best Industry Group within Accenture
26/03/2014 09:57

noctilucus to anon12345 (#1)

As always, my comments are not really UK Strategy specific but the type of industry defines the kind of clients you'd end up working for and that in turn tells a lot about how interesting the work is and what your exit opportunities would be. Especially about the latter, it's also up to you to decide for yourself in which industry you'd prefer to work if/once you decide to move out of consulting.

- Communications, Media & Technology: tends to be a varied mix of amongst others telecom providers and industrial manufacturing (e.g. electronics) so that should prove interesting as long as they don't stick too much to a few large accounts

- Financial Services: definitely wouldn't be my cup of tea with all those banks and insurance companies... often slow, bureaucratic, hierarchical environments where a sizeable chunk of the work seems to be either IT or PMO related

- Health & Public Service: again a sector where it's often hard for Accenture (and others) to get a serious foot in the door with something else than IT... also not the most change or performance minded environment

- Products: from memory, leans quite heavily on consumer goods which tends to be a more competitive, professional environment... not sure whether this counts for the UK but industrial equipment doesn't seem to be primary focus whereas transportation and retail seem to be going up and down

- Resources: this really depends... on the one hand you've got your utility providers which do tend to have a "previously state owned business mentality" to put it mildly with again much of the revenue coming from IT implementations; on the other hand the chemicals is quite a different animal though I'm not sure that ACN does too much business in the UK for such companies outside of the IT space.

Rather than superiority, I'd say it's a matter of different environments that tend to work well for different types/styles of people. That's partially personal but my recommendations would be in no particular order C&MT, Products and Resources.

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