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Moving from Industry into consultancy

#1 Moving from Industry into consultancy
31/01/2014 10:11


Hi Guys,

I have been considering for a while making a transition into a consultancy role but wanted to get some advice on how to do so.

I have worked as a Senior Manager in the area of Biotech / Pharma for 15 years or more now and have a lot of experience in project management.

Working at this level means I have been exposed to, and have coordinated a number of business initiatives such as Lean, 5S, Kaizen and I recently qualified in PRINCE 2.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance

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#2 RE: Moving from Industry into consultancy
31/01/2014 13:27

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to a.e.s (#1)

I really don't want to sound patronising but... have you considered sending out some applications?

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#3 RE: Moving from Industry into consultancy
01/02/2014 10:30

a.e.s to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

Not yet... and don't worry it's not patronising at all.

I just wanted to see if there was any recommended path to take before considering applications. E.g: courses, consultancy advisors

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#4 RE: Moving from Industry into consultancy
01/02/2014 13:28

Camster to a.e.s (#3)

It looks like your specialty is pharma and operational excellence (and PM). You might want to concentrate on these aspects and target consulting outfits that specialise in these things.

Sorry to be blunt, but you will not get a strategy role with, say, Oliver Wyman.

Am speaking from experience, as I too came from industry, before doing MC. You really want to evaluate your reasons for going into MC. It's not worth it!

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#5 RE: Moving from Industry into consultancy
04/02/2014 09:15

a.e.s to Camster (#4)

That's interesting, can you elaborate why you don't think it is worth it?

I've heard positives and negatives and am trying to see if my reasons for moving are realistic or not.


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#6 RE: Moving from Industry into consultancy
04/02/2014 09:19

marsday to a.e.s (#1)

If you had been in consulting for 15 years you would be looking to move into industry, probably doing exactly what you have been doing recently. You could move across to consulting (with a possible step back compensating your lack of formal MC experience) then face off working with SMs in the same industry.

I don't actually see what the major benefit would be to your career.

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#7 RE: Moving from Industry into consultancy
04/02/2014 16:30

SenorMick to marsday (#6)

Hi a.e.s.

It would be helpful if you could share your motivations for moving in to consultancy and your expectations of the role and types projects you would be working on.

If you feel you've gone as far as you can in your current business and are looking for a new challenge or complete change of direction - then consulting may be the right move. Lots of different clients, different industries to try, politics, sales process, pitching to learn etc...

If you are looking to accelerate your career in your current field, it may be less appropriate. As mentioned, it sounds like you already have the kind of role that many consultants are looking to get.

In my opinion it's tough to leave consulting for a role that is more senior than a senior manager - unless it's for a specific transformation or project role. And even then, consultants often look at these as a route in to a more BAU/ line management position further down the line. (I'm not a recruiter - so recruiters feel free to correct me if you disagree?)

In short, if you're looking to try something a bit different and are OK with the travel, some long hours, more politics and self-promotion...then give consulting a go. I'm sure you'll get a role - if you meet a certain level then they're easier to get than industry roles. And you may even like it and reach the top.

If you're hoping it will accelerate your career so you can get your boss' boss' job, give you more responsibility or implement complex change programmes in your specialist area - probably give it a miss.

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