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Deloitte - developer/consultant role

#1 Deloitte - developer/consultant role
25/01/2014 13:17



I'm currently applying for a .NET Developer/Tech Consultant role with Deloitte.

Passed my first interview with Senior Manager, then onto a director and senior technical architect (to grill me technically). Waiting for feedback on that, I was happy with it.

In the mean time I am trying to figure out what exactly consultancy is like compared to my current "Software Engineer" role in product based company.

Currently what I am hearing is that I would spend very little time in Deloitte offices. Somewhere like 85% of the time I would be out on client sites in the front line. This client site work would be me sitting in meetings (Deloitte team + client team) to discuss requirements, possible solutions etc. Then I would work to develop the solution at the client site, while being pushed hard for high quality in a tight time frame.

I am guessing I would be expected to be in the office around 8.30am and leave around 6.30/7.00 pm as normal. Then around deadline/release/busy times I should not expect to leave before 9 pm and possibly work approx 8 hours on a weekend day.

Would I be far off the mark on this one? Also, I currently cycle to work each morning, showering in work and getting changed there. I'm guessing this would be difficult to achieve in consulting?


I can see that I would be suitable to this because I am hardworking, meticulous, passionate to learn more and do things the right way. I also get into work early and usually the last to leave 6.30/7.00 pm already.

My only concern is that where I currently am the projects don't really have any major deadlines. There have been a few but it's usually OK.

I guess my real query here is: Are Deloitte very heavy handed with deliverable timelines. DO they expect you to perform magic to get tasks done in 75% of the time or less?

Any insight into this would be great.


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#2 RE: Deloitte - developer/consultant role
26/01/2014 23:07

Willis to gti (#1)

Front line client work usually means sitting in the client's office and your team may be fully Deloitte or a mix of client/Deloitte. If you're lucky you'll get to work in a mixed team of client/Deloitte/competitor - makes for interesting office dynamics ;)

At consultant level you typically won't be the one leading requirements gathering or designing solutions. You may provide input and you may even be assigned some analysts to manage, but you're generally a do-er.

Deadlines: What worries me is why you think you wouldn't meet deadlines?

I'm not "heavy handed" and never beat my consultants if they miss a deadline, but I certainly want to know as soon as they see any risk or possibility that the deadline can't be met. Missing deadlines consistently for no good reason is NOT acceptable, and in some places they will take you off the project.

Working hours and working style varies and it really depends on who you're working for, what the client's expectations are, and how organised you are. There will be times when you're working 14-hour days under high stress conditions, but there'll also be times when you're doing straightforward 9-6.

There are no strict times when you may or may not leave the office; the key is you need to be fairly flexible on location and working hours.

Performing magic to get tasks done is a bonus. Usually you're just expected to produce great work within the given deadline. Only deviation from this is if you're working for a terrible project manager who can't estimate task/time or if something comes up at the last minute due to other dependencies.

Cycling to work is not a problem in consulting - you'll need to check the bike and shower facilities at the office you're in though. Make sure you shower and change (deodorant please!) in time to be at your desk and ready to work with everyone else. That is, don't rock up at 9am, shower and change for 30 mins, get brekky and swan around the office before logging in at 9.45am.

The 'bench' - This is something that we all love to hate. When you're not on a project you will be 'on the bench' doing odd jobs for various managers whilst trying to find your next role.

I'm not sure what bench life is like as a consultant developer at Deloitte, but in other parts and other firms it's a lucky dip. You may end up supporting a bid working until midnight every night or chilling from home watching daytime TV. Just make sure you're signed in on IM and contactable on the 'phone.

Consulting isn't all that scary and you will definitely need to adapt to this way of working. It's not for everyone, and at some point in people's lives they may need more stability and work-life balance. I personally love it for the variety of clients and interesting work I get to do :)

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#3 RE: Deloitte - developer/consultant role
02/02/2014 23:33

gti to Willis (#2)

Hi Willis,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Since my last post I have been offered the position, which I will accept.

Glad to hear that cycling to work is still a possibility.

Regarding deadlines. I didn't mean to convey a lack of confidence in meeting deadlines. I was really just wondering about how realistic they would be. I have experience with deadlines being dropped on a calendar regardless of the tasks.

Personally I have no problem with tight deadlines and being pushed hard. I feel it will help me develop my own efficiency around productivity.

In my current role and in the past few months I have been brought along on client meetings and solely attended workshops/meetings. I have enjoyed that a lot and feel consulting might be similar.


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