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Move from industry to Big4 consulting role - Career advice needed

#1 Move from industry to Big4 consulting role - Career advice needed
30/11/2013 15:21


Hello Guys,

I have been following this forum recently and I have some career advice need.

I think this post will get some angry answers but here it is :

I landed a consulting job offer at a big4 (consulting) in Financial Services, and I am actually working in retail banking. Consulting has always (more or less) interested me, due to the variety of missions proposed and also to the CV enhancement a gig at a big4 could provide. In addition, since I would like one day to be an entrepreneur, I have the impression that a career in consulting could give me a new way of thinking and adressing problems.

However, I have some major holes in my skillset I would say :

- I am quite social and outgoing, but networking and kissing asses is not in my personality.

- I am not really interested by the stress coming with a consulting role (long hours would not bother me, but only when working for me, not in a employee role, I would not respond well to partners bothering me)

- I have had a shhitty analyst role in a bank lately, and don't think I have the skillset of the senior consulting role I am being offered

What interests me more in working for big4 consulting is the excitation this role could provide me. To be honest, as I said, I don't have the skillset, but I think I am quite smart, the type of person that could get by university quite easily (and lazily), and when pushed, I can really produce. And I would also like to quit the boredom that is retail banking (life balance is great though, working 37 quiet hours a week for a decent pay (better than what I am being offered at the big4 minus the car) is great)) ...

What do you think about my situation, I think I have 2 possibilities :

- 1) try the big4 consulting, see what happens, I could maybe be good at it

- 2) f°°° this shiit and enjoy the work life balance and free time I have now to try to think about a business (despite the fact my brain is working at a vegetative speed because of this s°°°)

:D I think this is pretty much it . :D


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#2 RE: Move from industry to Big4 consulting role - Career advice needed
02/12/2013 22:16

hugosilva to Doni (#1)

Hi mate,

I did 4 years ago that move, from a top company in industry to a BIG 4.

from my experience you will have a complex and long learning curve to deliver good quality consulting outputs.

Although, because of the high exposure to things that u don't know how to do it, you will train and develop a capacity that you are only able to develop in a consulting company, that is ambiguity management, few or no information to develop you work and the most important one develop work under extreme pressure and tight deadlines.

You might think that you know all this stuff but believe my that you don't know **** , you'll only learn after joining a BIG4 e recommended low positions like Consultant or Associate.

I joined as a senior consultant and i suffered a lot lolol but i managed to pass the exam ;)


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