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EY/PwC/KPMG/PA consulting offers

#1 EY/PwC/KPMG/PA consulting offers
28/11/2013 21:24



I currently work in a strategy function for one of the UK's biggest banks and have 4 potential offers to move into from industry:

- Transaction Advisory Services at EY

- Operational Transformation Consulting at PwC

- FS Strategy at KPMG

- FS consulting at PA Consulting

Any thoughts or opinions on a) the better role and b) the better company to make my first job move to from industry?


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#2 RE: EY/PwC/KPMG/PA consulting offers
29/11/2013 09:47

jet to Blue55 (#1)

Why do you want to move to consulting in the first place will be my question.

if still keen, in my opion, KPMG is your best bet.

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#3 RE: EY/PwC/KPMG/PA consulting offers
29/11/2013 11:20

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to jet (#2)

Transaction advisory sounds pressured. Does that mean mergers and stuff? That could be one continuous ride of high pressure deadlines.

Operational Transformation sounds a bit woolly. There could be a lot of overhead in team management. Everybody going about things in different ways, nobody really knowing what they're meant to be doing. Or perhaps not - would the team be a steady one?

FS strategy sounds solid. Especially if it's done by a firm of accountants. You'd expect them to be good at it and know what they're doing.

FS consulting sounds sporadic. Could be interesting work but perhaps very diverse and lacking in terms of mature methodologies?

Each of those firms sound like a good bet though.

Out of interest, how did you manage to get 4 offers all lined up like that?? Has it made you wonder why they're all so keen to recruit you? Are they looking for an in-road into the bank? Or is your current position more prestigious than what they're offering?

Please be detailed and descriptive in your response. Thank you.

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#4 RE: EY/PwC/KPMG/PA consulting offers
29/11/2013 11:36

Anon MCs to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#3)

Methinks BEP is thinking of taking on a new Padawan!

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#5 RE: EY/PwC/KPMG/PA consulting offers
30/11/2013 09:51

Blue55 to Anon MCs (#4)

Thanks jet and BEP for your replies

To answer your questions jet - I'm keen to make the move from industry into a broader consulting role - I want the opportunity to work with different clients and it will also help me develop my skills and expertise. My work has become slightly monotonous as well now so want a new, more dynamic environment. I'm quite keen to move to a firm with a global presence as well - somewhere down the line I'd like to go and work abroad for a bit (don't worry I won't be saying this to them in week 1!)

Let me elaborate on the 4 different roles...

1) Transaction Advisory Services at EY

- Here I would be focusing on the Operational due diligence (Operational Transaction Services) side of pre/post M&A, carve-outs, divestments etc. within FS. Quite an interesting time in the market for this (these guys are market leaders in what they do - been around 2-3 years). Would be work around revenue enhancement, cost-reductions, synergies, etc.

2) Operational Transformation Consulting at PwC

- This is within PwC's consulting business (very well thought of I believe) but focused on the particular competency of Ops Transformation - things like designing operating models, end-to-end transformation programmes, cost reduction and restructuring. I think they've seen some stuff on my CV which is well suited to the work through my current Strategy role and previous Change Management roles. From what I've read and heard it's a growing area amongst consultancies because the whole FS world is trying to change, and change fast!

3) FS Strategy at KPMG

- The Strategy Group at KPMG is a relatively new team (c.1 year) and was created through combining 4 consulting areas in one. The role is FS aligned, but speaking with them they expect the more junior members of the team (which I would come under) to flex cross-industry in order to gain more experiences and develop that way - which sounds great!

4) FS consulting at PA Consulting

- Comparative to the big 4, PA are obviously smaller (c.2500 globally) but offer a lot - employee owned firm, good culture, smaller project teams where juniors are treated as equals, etc. The FS practice is ramping up - think they recognise there's a lot of work out there and they didnt necessary capitalise on it right after the crisis. Work would be across multiple disciplines within FS, from operating model/strategy stuff to reg stuff to cost reductions - I see you're point BEP on being quite diverse and lacking methodologies, but perhaps the diversity can be a good/interesting environment?

BEP - got these through a bit of hard work and luck that they came at once! EY and KPMG through recruiters, PwC and PA through my own applications. I guess they all seem to see something they like on my CV - I've done quite diverse things (though my time on a grad scheme at the bank) and my current role so have relevant experiences for their areas. Don't really see it as an in-road to my bank - the big 4 are already present in some shape or form. Maybe that's PA's motive, but I think they're focused on smaller FS companies.

Hope I've covered your questions - what do you think now??


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