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Cardiff vs Cranfield MBA?

#1 Cardiff vs Cranfield MBA?
18/11/2013 20:51



After some opinions. My firm is willing to fund an EMBA for me up to the tune of £15000. Ideally I would undertake Cranfeilds 'Defence' EMBA, as it is pretty much the pinnacle for my industry.

However it is £20,000 more expensive then an MBA in, for example, Cardiff Business School. Therefore if I was to undertake this I would need to find the £20,000 myself, which is possible but would mean a serious change in lifestyle and probably mean I could not start the MBA until 2016.

If on the other hand I went for Cardiff, it would cost me nothing and I could start the course next year, with relatively little impact on my lifestyle. (Except for all the work of course!).

Although Cardiff obviously does not have the brand name or the level of (highly focused) contacts that I could make in Cranfeild, it is a lot more appealing from the perspective that I could buy a house, still go on holidays etc rather than use all my savings on an MBA.

My aspirations are to become a director at the small niche firm I work for (all of whom have MBA's, think Bath, Warwick etc not LBS). I am 25 years old so not exactly in a rush to do an MBA, but certainly keen to grasp the opportunity now should the opportunity (funding) not be there in two or three years time. Also may not have so much spare time when I'm 30!

So my question really is, if you were in my position, which option would you choose? And what are the reasons for that choice?

Thanks in advance.

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#2 RE: Cardiff vs Cranfield MBA?
18/11/2013 23:49

Mr Cool to Defence88 (#1)

I also have a quandry. I could either go out with that Nicole lass that!Lewis Hamilton used to be pally with, or Bertha from the local chippy. Trouble is I've heard Nicole likes expensive restaurants while Bertha gets chips for free.

What do you reckon....?

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#3 RE: Cardiff vs Cranfield MBA?
19/11/2013 08:36

tom1 to Mr Cool (#2)

I am partial to a bit of fish and chips...

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#4 RE: Cardiff vs Cranfield MBA?
19/11/2013 10:07

Mr Cool to Defence88 (#1)

More serious advice time now...

I've always thought there are only two ways to do an MBA.

1) pay whatever you have to to go to a world top ten school (but only top ten - not 14th etc) and then join MBB, then after 4-8 years of truly top notch experience and network building, move straight to a genuine Exco-ish position. That way you the huge personal investment pays off.

2) pay as little as possible to do a part time MBA at a decent UK school. Continue working throughout and accept that the MBA will NOT catapult your career - but it will provide you with personal education on a dozen relevant topics such as finance, strategy, marketing, etc.

The thing to avoid at all costs us spending a "middle" amount for a full time course at a second rate school in the naive hope that it will catapult your career in some undefined way (see numerous posts on this board).

On the basis if my own advice, I'd ask Bertha out for chips....

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#5 RE: Cardiff vs Cranfield MBA?
19/11/2013 10:10

Mr Cool to Mr Cool (#4)

Also - if you do a fully funded MBA at Cardiff and later decide to target MBB, there is nothing to stop you doing a aecond MBA at LBS. INSEAD, HBS.....

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